Memorable dinner with a loyal reader in Vancouver...

Tom and I with our friend Sheila, a Vancouver reader and resident.
Several weeks ago, we received an email from loyal reader and Vancouver resident, Sheila who'd found us long ago as a result of Tom's frequent posts on  On many occasions including the 24-night cruise we just completed, we've met many members/passengers who've seen Tom's posts.

We invited Sheila to join us for dinner at our hotel in Vancouver, the Marriott Pinnacle Downtown.  She was able to arrive at the Showcase Restaurant by 6:15, arriving by public transportation from work.

We became fast friends with Sheila and hope to see her again someday.
Seeing her warm, friendly smile and hearty welcome warmed our hearts.  Seated at a comfortable booth in the pleasant surroundings was conducive to our spending almost three hours engaged in animated travel chatter.

Sheila, an experienced cruiser/traveler was rife with her own experiences we found varied and interesting.  We giggled when she explained she felt she'd known us for a very long time, having read almost all of our posts over these past years.

This bed and bedding were outrageously comfortable.  For the first time in weeks, we had a good night's sleep.
Over these five years of posting, I'd hadn't given much thought about how readers may come to know us from reading our posts; our quirks, our views, our foibles along with the nuances of our nomadic lifestyle. 

She reveled in our candor and vulnerability in sharing such finite details of our daily lives but insisted she's much more private about her personal life and would never be able to "spill the beans" as we do on a daily basis.  Although, Sheila didn't hesitate to express how she enjoys our revealing candor.

Functional and comfortable lounge area in our hotel room.
It interested us to hear this perspective and we took pause for a moment that perhaps we may "over share" at times.  But, as we've watched our worldwide readership grow, we've come to realize that part of which may most appeal to readers throughout the world is that very vulnerability. 

We're all human and seldom have an original thought, expression or emotional response.  For the same reason, many can't stop watching reality TV (which is often scripted in parts) they may be curious to follow our posts.  The difference though is that nothing  about our lives is "scripted."

View from our hotel room at the Marriott Pinnacle Downtown.
Each and every day we tell it like it is; no exaggerations, no embellishments, and no fluff.  It's simply real life, as lived by these two senior citizens traveling the world, because we can because we love it...a story told in a world of words and photos.

By 9:30 pm, we'd taken today's photos, said goodbye to Sheila with hearty hugs and promises that, if and when we ever return to Vancouver, we'll surely get together again.  It was a memorable evening.  Dinner wasn't too bad either!

Thank you, Sheila, for taking the time and effort to come see us, to share your thoughts, your vast travel stories, your warm demeanor, and kindness.  You'll always hold a special place in our hearts.

May all of our readers find themselves in the company of someone as delightful as Sheila!

Photo from one year ago today, May 16, 2016:

This appeared to be a Balinese boat, called Madurai, one of many designs that we spotted in the fishing harbor in Negara which is quite a site to see.  For more beautifully decorated boats in the harbor please click here.


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