Tom's US haircut...Disappointing?..Prices throughout the world....Another family outing today and fun evening tonight with friends...

Maisie and Tom in front of Cost Cutters.  We arrived at 10:30 am but had to wait for the late arriving employee.
Tom's had haircuts all over the world, from his first in Belize in 2013 to his most recent in Fairlight, (Sydney) Australia with another a few days ago here at a Cost Cutters located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. 

He's paid from a low of US $1.85  (plus a $.93 tip) in Savusavu, Fiji in 2015 (as shown in the photo below) to a high of US $32.74 (plus a $5.00 tip) in Singapore in 2016.  The price for Cost Cutter's was US $15.50 (plus a $3.00 tip).

As indicated in the photos, the cost of the cut seems to have little bearing on the quality of the haircut.  Honestly, with much trepidation, I think the Cost Cutter's cut was the least desirable in appearance. 

The recent cutting accuracy was fine but the styling was lacking and Tom's having a heck of a time keeping me from teasing him about it.  I try to keep my trap shut but it's nearly impossible every time we get under the bright lights of the elevator in the hotel.
In Fiji, the hot, humid weather inspired Tom to go for the shortest cut he'd ever had. Here's the odd part...the cost...for the haircut taking almost 20 minutes, it cost a paltry FJD $4, USD $1.85!  Tom left another FJD $2, USD $.93 tip which Kumar greatly appreciated. See this link from November 5, 2015.
He politely reminded me that he never teases about my hair or wardrobe.  Although on occasion, if my lipstick is smudged or something else is askew, he'll kindly point it out that it needs immediate attention.  I appreciate his observations.

When we were on a cruise ship early in the year and he pointed out that a piece of TP was hanging out of the bottom of my shorts, I certainly appreciated it, while turning around and wondering how many people had noticed that.

Years ago, my friend Lynda and I were at a wedding and a man in a lime green leisure suit came out of the restroom with a long stream of toilet paper attached to his shoe.  Lynda and I had to leave the area due to our uncontrollable laughter. 

At the time, after I mentioned his embarrassment, she said: "No one will ever remember this."  But, here I am 40 years later and I still remember his lime green suit and stream of toilet paper.  Now, more mature, I'd have pointed it out to him rather than let him return to the reception hall in such a state.
In Singapore, a cut by a stylist in a pricey salon was the only option.  The haircut was SGD $44, US $32.74 which included a 20% discount and was more than he's paid anywhere in the world thus far. Click here for the link from that post. 
However, Tom's haircut is certainly not comparable to the TP incidents.  Although, each time I look his way, I can't help but giggle.  He keeps "giving me the look" reminding me to cease the relentless observations along with the comments.  I'll see what I can do.  Sometimes, we just have to laugh.

As for activities over the past 24 hours...Tom, Tammy, and Vincent attended Vincent's gun safety certification ceremony at his camp after which the three of them took off for lunch at Chipotle (Vincent's favorite) and then to see the movie, Wonder Woman.  As mentioned, I'd already seen it with Maisie and stayed behind to work on a few things.
When Tammy offered to drive and return Tom to the hotel at the end of their day, Tom tossed me the keys to the red SUV and there I was without any specific plans and an afternoon to myself.  How odd.
After uploading the post, I dropped off my laptop in our room, filled my mug with Crystal Light iced tea and ice (I can now drink more liquids as my gastrointestinal issues have improved) and headed out the door.  Forget the idea of staying in the room to work on Tom's clothes.  I was a woman-on-a-mission.
Tom, before his haircut on Thursday.
First, I headed to one of my favorite store from my old life, Old Navy, to find a few tank tops, knowing that the skimpier the better would be ideal for heat in Marloth Park upcoming in eight months. 

I remember sitting on the veranda in the scorching heat and humidity all day waiting for "visitors" wearing tee shirts with short sleeves wishing I had tank tops.  Although I don't wear tank tops in public (too old for such skimpiness), they're useful when we're by ourselves in hot weather. 

Well, not surprisingly, I was able to purchase seven good quality tanks for a total of $46.  Wow!  What a deal!  I'd never find such a bargain outside the US.
Next, I headed to TJ Maxx to purchase some type of cover-up for the cool evenings on upcoming cruises. 
The modern salon finally opened while we waited.
I didn't want to buy a bulky space-hogging sweater but found a lightweight roll-in-a-ball cover up that will help keep me warm in the chilly AC on ships.  At $15, I was thrilled to have found the perfect solution. Then I was off to my final destination, a quick stop at a Lunds/Byerly's grocery store (they merged since we left) to buy more heavy cream for my coffee and an appetizer to bring to tonight's party at friend Sue's home.

Before entering the market, I called my sister Susan in Las Vegas to tell her we'd be arriving in a mere three weeks.  As always, it was wonderful to hear her voice.  Speaking through the navigation system in the red SUV, we chatted for over an hour, anticipating seeing one another soon with sheer delight.

Finally, we said goodbye and I headed into the market for the few items I needed.  I couldn't recall the last time I shopped in a grocery store without being concerned that Tom was waiting for me outside while sitting on a bench or in a rental car. 
Tom didn't want a buzz cut this time.  With temps predicted at 120F (48.8C) in Las Vegas this upcoming week, a buzz cut may have been ideal.
He's never rushed me when I've shopped but I've always been mindful and considerate that he was waiting.  Most recently, in Fairlight, Australia, not only was Tom waiting but so was Bob, our delightful landlord, who always insisted on taking us grocery shopping during our six weeks in his holiday home.  During that period,  I had two kindly men waiting for me to get done, with nary a complaint.

As I was nearing the hotel, I rang Tom to discover he'd returned to the hotel after his day with Tammy and Vincent.  Upon hearing he and Vincent shared one of those giant popcorn buckets during the movie, I didn't say a word about when we'd go out to eat.  I knew he wouldn't feel hungry for quite awhile.
The final product resulted in a neat trim but the styling wasn't quite as good as usual.
By 6:30 pm, we were back in the red SUV heading to the same restaurant we'd visited several nights ago, Avenida, a fusion Mexican/Asian establishment with very good food.  Tom had the Asian and I had the Mexican, modified to my diet.

Back at the hotel, we lounged and watched two episodes of Scandal.  By 10:45 we dosed off for a good night's sleep.  Today, at noon, we're meeting Greg and the grandkids at the annual St. Louis Park Parktacular event.  Later in the day, at 4:00 pm, we're off to friend Sue's new home and the gathering she's put together for our benefit. 

We'll be back tomorrow with photos of this busy day.  Enjoy your weekend as well!
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