Reminded of stresses in our old lives...Am I complaining?

Susan's chubby and very funny Chihuahua, Owen, poses like this several times a day, totally unprovoked.
On occasion, people may ask, "Did you run away?"  We always answer with the fact that my health returned and I was pain-free which inspired us to travel, "while we can."  It could change on a dime and we'd be forced to seriously modify our lifestyle.

From time to time the question still lingers in the minds of family, friends, and readers, "Did we run away?"  In part, we may have.  Being back in the US for the past seven weeks, we've begun to feel the stresses of the fast paced life while in Minnesota and now here in Nevada.

It's not only the traffic, the people and the waiting in lines for a variety of's the self-induced process of a strong sense of responsibility that drives us while in this environment.  One can't erase a lifetime of living even when spending almost five years away from it all.

Now that I'm cooking again, which I don't mind, I find myself busy with grocery shopping, chopping and dicing along with spending each and every morning until 11:00 or 12:00 am preparing a post and, laboring over which, if any photos, I can add.

Then, with more clothes to launder in the hot weather and the sorting and with the repacking of the boxes of photos and documents we left in Richard's garage in plastic totes and, the every other day visits to my beloved sister Susan with two full hours of driving each trip, I must admit I'm feeling a little pushed.

I pulled over while driving to Susan's distant location while is relatively unpopulated along the way.

Surprisingly, I'm not tired.  I've slept better here in Richard's home than anywhere in the past year, getting as much as seven hours a night, mostly without waking midway through the night. 

Surely, the home cooked meals with less likelihood of contamination have been instrumental in assisting in my feeling better physically.  My chronic and the annoying gastrointestinal condition continues to improve daily.  I never expected it to go away quickly but the continuing improvement has left me hopeful that in time it will completely resolve.

So why do I feel pressured?  Perhaps, being in the US is merely a reminder of our old lives and the constant sense of responsibility.  Surely, many of our readers can see themselves burdened with many more tasks than we have at present. 

I don't mean to whinge (Aussie word).  But, I'm definitely making an observation of how the faced paced life "in the big city" (and it could be any city in the world) is not necessarily for us.  Place us in a remote area surrounded by vegetation, mountains, sea, gorgeous scenery and of course, an abundance of wildlife and we're calm and at peace, free of all stress and worries.

Also, we should probably stop watching the news.  That in itself reminds us the troubles in our country which seem to escalate by the moment.  I won't get into that here but no doubt, it has an effect on us. 

In many countries, we don't have a TV and if we do, we don't have access to US news other than that which may be from international outlets.  Here again, it may be biased based on their media sources point of view.  Who knows how accurate that may be?

Also, with our upcoming departure to Costa Rica on August 1st, we still have to figure out the added supplies we'll need to bring for our three and a half month stay and purchase them before we depart the US.  No doubt, many items we use regularly won't be readily available in local shops.

There's some homes, condos, and apartments in the distant location but not anything comparable to Henderson and Las Vegas.

On top of that, we're working on how we'll extend our visa beyond the 90 allowable days Costa Rica provides for US citizens entering the country.  We'll be contacting the Costa Rica Embassy today with our list of questions. which includes:
1.  Do we have to have proof of an exiting flight upon entering Costa Rica?

2.  Can we visit an immigration office while in Costa Rica to apply for the 23-day extension?

3.  What is the minimum number of days we can leave and then return with another country's stamp on our passports?  At what point during our stay should we do this?

Why we're behind on a few of these tasks has totally been predicated by the fact that the pace has been such, that even after almost a week in Nevada, we still haven't tackled everything.  Now, with only 18 days until we depart the US, we have to "pick up the pace!"

In any case, it has been wonderful spending time with Richard and my sister.  Tomorrow, Tom will join me in visiting Susan and we'll make a stop at our mailing service to pick up many items awaiting us there.  It is more stuff to sort and figure out how to pack.

OK, enough of that. In our continuing desire to "tell it like it is" sometimes, it's not pretty, it's not exciting and it's not relaxing.  Once we get settled in Costa Rica, we can look forward to "down time" except, of course, figuring out the visa extension.  We don't want to be "illegal aliens" again as we were in Australia in March!

May you have a happy day, free of stress!

Photo from one year ago today, July 13, 2016:
Local danger and musicians greeted us with a ceremonial dance as we entered the hotel in Cambodia.  For more photos, please click here.


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