Magical moments...Early morning wonders including some scary things...

Prior to sunrise, we captured this cloudy scene
"Sightings from the Veranda in Costa Rica"
These low lying clouds were our first sighting from the veranda this morning.
If we never left this property, the exquisite La Perla de  Atenas, but had the views and wildlife surrounding us as we do here in the Central Valley, the canton/province known as Alajuela, we'd be content.

Each hour that is something magical occurring whether it's two or three vultures soaring overhead, referred to as "Zopilotes" by the Costa Ricans, or a flock of colorful parrots gently landing in a nearby tree only to disappear before I can stand with the camera for a shot.

This morning we were both up and out of bed well before 6:00 am.  Within minutes, I grabbed the camera for stunning views of the mountain's low lying clouds, reminiscent of the clouds we discovered while living in Campanario, Madeira, Portugal beginning in May 2014.  Click here for one of the links illustrating the unbelievable clouds rolling in from the sea.
Costa Rica is just like we imagined;  lush rainforests, many birds and wildlife and rapidly changing climates.
At times, the sounds of the birds are almost deafening which we couldn't appreciate more.  Then, silence for a moment, only to have it begin again.  We can't stop smiling.

At first, we didn't notice many insects.  As the days pass, we find a plethora of ugly looking creatures slithering on the floors or up the walls, some venomous, most not. 

As was the case in Africa, it pays to watch where one walks whether it's on a wet slippery floor on the stone of the veranda from the most recent daily rain during this rainy season, or the presence of a venomous centipedes, spiders or other insects, comparable to those we encountered regularly in Africa.  One can't be too careful. 
It's surprising to see how low the clouds actually settle in the rainforests.
Over these past years, our apprehension and fear of insects have dissipated to one of sensible caution and respect for the protective poisons some insects and animals possess as a means of protecting their own survival.  In most cases, leaving them alone is sufficient in avoiding a trip to a hospital after a potential life threatening bite.

Costa Rica has many venomous creatures including colorful frogs, such as the Poison Dart Frog, the dreaded Fleur-de-Lance snake, the Eyelash Viper Snake, and the Brazilian Wandering Spider, all of which may be seen at this somewhat playful site with warnings of a variety of dangerous creatures in the country.

The scenery from the veranda is breathtaking, often changing within minutes. I attempt to keep the camera nearby at all times although at times it's across the room and I can't get to it quickly enough for the sighting.
This centipede was moving so quickly I was hardly able to get a photo, let alone a decent shot.
As for sightseeing which we plan to do soon, we've discovered a solution based on the suggestion of our house managers, Aad and Marian.  We can rent a car for around US $32 (CRC 18,,386.72) a day which includes all fees, taxes, and insurance or, if booked for a number of days (five or more) includes free delivery and return from the villa.

This way we can plan all of our outings for the days when we rent the car.  This is much more cost effective than paying outrageous car rental fees and also the cost of booking tours we can essentially do on our own.

This upcoming week will be busy with tax stuff, business, financial matters and future bookings.  Once completed, we'll be free to sightsee at our leisure.  In the interim, we relish in the outstanding scenery and interesting sights and sounds directly witnessed from the villa.

Have a blissful day!

Photo from one year ago today, August 6, 2016:

Across and down the street from our villa, a woman was washing her face outside near the road.  We wondered if perhaps she didn't have running water.  For more photos, please click here.


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