We're off sightseeing today... Earlier post than usual...

What a lovely flower!
"Sightings from the Veranda in Costa Rica"
This pretty little hummingbird hit the glass wall and perished. It's so sad to see this happen.  There are stickers on the windows specifically designed to avoid these types of incidences but they still occur every so often. 
At 10:30 yesterday morning, a taxi we'd found online picked us up to drive us into town for a rather reasonable US $2.61 (CRC 1500), dropping us off at the Supermercado Coopeatenas.  This was the lowest fare we'd paid for this fairly frequent ride and we'll definitely use the same company again.

The varying taxi fares from the villa to the market is baffling and we've yet to settle in with one company/provider perhaps until now.  There's something to be said for consistency which is often lacking in many countries when it comes to taxi fares and other services.
Mother Nature is astounding in her infinite wisdom and creativity!
Dropping us off at the cafe in front of the market, we only had a short wait until Edgar would arrive with the second of two five-day car rentals arranged for us by Aad.   At a rate of $167.50 (CRC 96,417) for the five-day rental, still pricey by the day, we decided we'll most likely do the five-day rental every other week or so, depending on what we have planned. 

I sat outside with Tom for a few minutes and then headed into the market to do the grocery shopping while he waited for Edgar.  I prefer to shop without Tom at my side.  He has a routine for perusing the aisles which is very different from mine.  Plus, I can be determined when I'm attempting to find a certain item, leaving anyone with me frustrated and bored while I'm "on a mission."
The outdoor cafe at Supermercado Coopeatenas where we waited for the Thrifty Car Rental guy.  Also, earlier in the day, this can be a good place to meet people.
Thoughtful as he is, he does keep an eye out for me in order to load the items onto the counter for checkout.  Most certainly, I can do this myself but he insists on being helpful, also carrying all the groceries inside the house while I carry a few of the smaller bags.  

Early yesterday morning, I called one of the two dental offices in town and with my choppy Spanish managed to get a 2:00 pm appointment.  I was pleased knowing I'd somehow managed to convey my need to have the crown repaired, only requiring a short appointment.

After bringing the groceries to the villa and putting it all away, we stayed busy until it was time to leave for the dentist appointment in the little gray rental car.  We'd hoped to do some sightseeing after the dental appointment but the rain started again at 3:00 pm as we were leaving the dentist's office and we decided to forgo driving in the rain.
A hen and her chicks in our gated community.
As for the dentist, she was amazing.  Here's her information if you're looking for a great dentist; Clínica Dental Dr. Karina Valerio,, phone # 506 2446 3515.   She's located close to the center of town.  As I sat in the dental chair in the meticulously clean treatment room (and waiting area), I watched everything she did to repair my crown.

Her attention to sanitation, her use of freshly packaged and sanitized tools, kept me mesmerized while in the chair for 45 minutes. We tried to communicate via an app on my phone but when she spoke into the phone the translation put both of us into a bout of laughter we could hardly stop. Even Tom heard us carrying on while he waited in the reception area. 

After my appointment ended, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.  My tooth felt fine after she worked hard for a perfect fit.  The bill for the 45 minutes of care (minus laughing time) was a mere  US $17.37 (CRC 10,000).  We couldn't have been more pleased.
Could this be a dad and his young boy, yet to grow his full crown of glory, his comb, and his wattle?
Shortly today, we're off for our tour and sightseeing which both of us are looking forward to.  We booked an appointment and tour with a facility's owner to do a story on their highly rated facility (ranked #1 in TripAdvisor for Atenas) and we're expected at 10:00 am. 

This appointment resulted in a rushed post today especially when I'd planned to prepare tonight's low carb lasagne (email me for the recipe) before we left, leaving it refrigerated and ready to be cooked at dinner.  This left us the entire day to travel about at our leisure with no time constraints whatsoever.

Now, I'll upload this early post. Tom will proof read it while I put the finishing touches on tonight's dinner.  Its a great start to the day, sunny, in the 70's and perfect to be out.  Tomorrow, we'll share details and photos of our day!

You have a lovely day, too!

Photo from one year ago today, September 5, 2016:
Tom shot this scene in Sumbersari, Bali early that morning one year ago. Good job, Honey!  For more photos, please click here.


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