Costa Rica's devastation from tropical cyclone Nate with photos....

The Costa Rica storm damage photos shown today are from the Costa Rica Post.  The story may be found here.
Sinkhole as a result of flooding from Hurricane Nate, courtesy of the CR Post.
"Sightings from the Veranda in Costa Rica"
Although a few trees were lost on the grounds of the villa after Hurricane Nate, the many beautiful plants such as this Bromeliad and other flowers have survived, flourishing in the sun that's finally appeared for a few hours each morning.
A heartbreaking 11 souls perished in Costa Rica during Tropical Cyclone Nate over this past week.  Also of October 6, the hurricane caused at least 38 deaths: 16 in Nicaragua, 7 in Panama, 3 in Honduras, and 1 in El Salvador.
Many roads were flooded and lives were lost.
From this site:

"Hurricane Nate was a tropical cyclone that impacted the Gulf Coast of the United States in October 2017. The fourteenth named storm and the ninth hurricane of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, Nate originated from a broad area of low pressure over the southwestern Caribbean on October 3rd.
Escazu, Photo by Gaby Rui.
A red alert was issued in neighboring Costa Rica for the Central Valley, Pacific coast, and Huetar Norte Region, while the Caribbean coast was under yellow alert. In the canton of Oreamuno, Cartago Province, a bridge and part of a riverside house succumbed to the forces of a swollen river. Flooding throughout the country has been described as the worst in recent years and led to at least 11 deaths, with 2 people missing. Approximately 11,300 residents were being housed in shelters. President Luis Guillermo Solís declared a national day of mourning on October 6th."
Desamparados, photo by Maria Navarro
We are located in the Central Valley as mentioned above.  We spent days hunkered down, indoors and safe high on a hill from the ravages of the storm.  Many of our friends/readers and family members contacted us to ensure we were safe, which we were. 
Grecia, photo by Chico Martinez
Our only concern for our safety during the storm was the possibility of landslides which occurred throughout the valley.  Fortunately, our immediate location was spared.  Never in our travels have we experienced such non-stop heavy rains with howling winds. 
Ciudad Cortes, Photo by Angie Escalante Rojas
Other than the inconvenience of a few power outages, we stayed safely indoors frequently peering out the glass walls of this house as the storm moved through over a period of several days.
With the utmost of respect and condolences for the people of Costa Rica today, we share the photos from the CR Post, dated October 5, 2017.  We pray for those who lost their lives and their families and for those who were injured and lost their homes.
Rivas de Perez Zeledon, photos by Allan Azofeifa
There were too many photos from the CR Post to publish today but we've included as many as possible.  (Wi-Fi limitations have an effect on how many photos we can post).
Ciudad Cortes, Photo by Yahaira Vega
With the rainy season continuing, we must admit we do miss full days of sunshine.  But, rather than focus on bad weather, we've become passionate about bird watching, more than anywhere in our past travels. 
Cotobrus, photo by Andrey Carvajal
Many times each day we're dashing from one spot on the veranda to another as we are beckoned by the call of a bird we may not have heard in past days.  We've found we have an automatic alarm clock, a yellow-breasted Social Flycatcher who alights on the veranda railing outside our bedroom door and makes so much noise we're awakened every morning around 5:15. 
Of course, now we're obsessed with spotting another Toucan when the owners of this property, Bev and Sam and our neighbor Charlie both have stated they've yet to see one in the yard.  Huumm...safari luck.  More of that yet to

May you have a safe day!

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