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Handmade fences using tree branches. Very innovative!
"Sightings from the Veranda in Costa Rica"
This pair of Inca Doves returned for another visit.
Often, when we mention how long it will be until we leave a location to move on to another, both of us wonder if our readers perceive we're anxious to get going.  In some circumstances, we are, but certainly not in most.
A hazy day in the country.
In many countries, we continue to revel in our surroundings; the wildlife, the culture, the scenery and the people.  No doubt, the quality of the property in which we're living is also a big factor.
Junk yard.
Here in Atenas Costa Rica, we're rather content although a little disappointed the road is too steep for daily walks and the high cost of long-term rental cars.  As for the remainder, we've felt comfortable and quite "at home" in this exceptional property.

Our hosts, owners Bev and Sam have provided the utmost of details and amenities to create a highly pleasing environment.  Although we're here during the rainy season, we've managed to spend plenty of time in the pool (often as long as two hours) and sunning in the chaise lounges when the noontime sun stays out long enough for our 30-minute stint.  It's been grand.
Basilica Nuestra Senora de las Piedades church in Naranjo.
Thus, why do we often check as to how many days we have left until we depart?  Based on this simple app on my desktop, its but a few clicks to enter today's date and the date we'll be leaving.  Click here for the app which may be used on any device.

This app has been handy for us when booking future vacation homes, hotels, cruises, and flights allowing us to know exactly how many days, weeks or months it will be until our next move or adventure.
Outdoor pulpit in Naranjo used while the church is being renovated.
By clicking here, you'll be able to see how this app calculated from today's date until the date we leave Costa Rica on November 22, in 32 days.  This app may be handy for any user, even for those who don't travel but may be looking forward to a specific date.  It's easy to use.

To answer our own question above, "Why do we often check as to how many days we have left until we depart?" the answer is simple.  We often have many preparations necessary for the next leg of our journey requiring we pay attention to how many days, weeks or months are left until we depart.
Turtles are interesting creatures.
Also, I'll readily admit, it's fun to contemplate our next adventure, however much we're enjoying the moment.  You bet, we're excited about the fact that in 33 days, (after one night in a hotel in Fort Lauderdale Florida) we'll be boarding Celebrity Infinity for a 30-night cruise to South America. 
A turtle seeking sun on a raised divider in the pond.  Note the Koi fish making its way over this obstacle.
How could we not be excited?  It's all a part of the overall excitement as we travel the world...simply...what's next?  Once the cruise ends in Buenos Aires, we'll only have 31-nights in a hotel until we depart for Ushuaia Argentina to embark on the Antarctica cruise aboard Ponant's Le Soleil.  Here again, we're outrageously enthused about this upcoming expedition cruise.

It's tough not to continue to calculate upcoming dates.  We've even gone as far as calculating how many months until we return to the US to visit family which is in roughly 18 months (not sure as yet to our exact arrival date).

More fish in the pond.
Calculating these dates doesn't diminish the quality of our current experience.  If anything, for us, it enhances it, making us aware of striving to make each remaining day special and memorable.
Koi pond in a park in Naranjo.
Speaking of dates, one week from today we'll be flying to Nicaragua for our visa extensions and a two-night stay.  During this period we'll be taking plenty of photos to share in our posts over the remaining 25 days we'll be in Costa Rica. (See, I used the app again).
Church along the highway.
Whether one calculates future dates or, lives in the moment with nary a thought as to what's transpiring in the future, is entirely a matter of personal preference.  For "number crunchers" like us, it's one more element of our world travels we continue to incorporate into our daily lives.

Have a beautiful weekend whether you were anticipating it, or not!

Photo from one year ago today, October 21, 2016:
In Sumbersari, watching the buffaloes walk along the beach each evening never stopped giving us a thrill.  Where do you see such a thing?   For our favorite Bali photos as we wound down our stay, please click here.


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