Final day in Atenas...The sights and sounds...La Perla, the exceptional villa...

We've spent both sunny and cloudy days in the pool.  Today will be no exception.
"Sightings from the Veranda in Costa Rica"
Red-billed Pigeon atop a tree in the yard.
The moanful mooing of a frustrated cow or the robust crow of a morning-minded rooster has filled the air these past many months in Costa Rica.  We'll soon miss those sounds, to be replaced by the whooshing sounds of displaced waters as our ship heads out to sea in a little over 48 hours.
The living room doors opened to the veranda.

This morning, we paused to listen to the sounds of the myriad birds chirping and singing, the fluttering "cheep" of the hummingbirds as they gather around the feeder, refilled with sugar water yesterday to enjoy over these last few days.

The welcome gift awaiting us the night we arrived 112 days ago.

As much as our enthusiasm guides us to the next adventure, we feel a bit of trepidation of saying goodbye to La Perla de Atenas, one of the most exquisite vacation/holiday homes we've occupied to date.  It's been pure bliss.

The comfortable seating area in the living room at night.
But, move along we must, gathering and sorting our belongings from room to room as we continued packing this morning; the blue supply bag and Tom's clothing bag; and a variety of items for the "overflow" bag we purchased in Minnesota to contain all of the cold weather clothing awaiting us at the hotel in Florida.
There are two center islands in the kitchen.
We'll repack that extra bag at the hotel with the contents of the shipped package arriving today. containing not only the clothing but also a number of necessary supplies.
There's a shorter countertop for sitting while chopping and dicing.
Tom will haul the wheeling duffel bag and laptop backpack while I carry the yellow Costco bag containing the "pill bag," my makeup bag and a few odds and ends. We're feeling confident the packing will be completed and all items weighed well before noon today. 
This second kitchen is ideal for clearing the dishes and loading the dishwasher.
Then, we'll pay for our bags and check-in online leaving the remainder of the day for more pool time and relaxation.  Each time we pack we're surprised at how easy it's become after these past five years, never making us feel stressed or apprehensive.
Interesting artwork and tasteful furnishings fill the rooms.
I've always said, "If we had to leave in a hurry, give us an hour and we can be out the door."  Instead, we take a few hours calmly gathering, sorting and folding, putting the same items in the same spots we've determined after all this time. 
The well-maintained courtyard.
It's a loose system but a system none the less, one we've come to rely upon.  Now, as the house becomes a little sparse looking without the little bit of cluttered we garnered, we can focus on that which has made life ultimately delightful in this exceptional villa.
Two desk areas outside the master bedroom area.
From the thoughtfully designed and fully equipped modern kitchen to the elegant dining room where we dined each evening we've never longed for a thing.  Whether it was a whistling teapot to the professional handheld grater I used daily to grate fresh ginger into my cup of turmeric tea, nothing was spared in this diligently planned and designed property.
The view from the master bed.  At night, we've kept these doors open for cool evening breezes.
It's a substantial property with three en-suite bedrooms, two of which overlook the courtyard, a screening room, an enormous living room and a wrap-around veranda with considerable space for lounging and bird watching, of which we've done plenty.

The service has been exceptional between Ulysses, the on-site groundskeeper, adorable house cleaner Isabel and property managers Aad and Marion.  One need only ask and within a short period, all needs and wants are addressed with dignity and ease.
View from the veranda in another area of the grounds.
We thank our friends/hosts in Kauai Hawaii, Bev and Sam, who's frequent communication and support have been over-the-top.  It felt as if they were right next door available for our every need, not unlike the friendship they so kindly offered when we spent four months in Kauai in 2015.

So today, we look forward to another beautiful sunny day of which there's been many since we returned from Nicaragua three weeks ago.  It seems the rainy season is fast coming to an end.  It still rains in the late afternoon or evening many days but sunshine often lingers throughout the afternoon.
One of two walk-in closets in the master suite.
Thanks to the kindly neighbors who stayed in touch with us via email and Facebook and their generous comments about our site and the manner in which we've represented their country.

Thanks to Dr. Candy Midence Noguera, Medico Cirijano Cod, 7620, Consulta Medica - Ninos - Adultos (for children and adults). Phone:  2446-7440 or 2777-6868, who over email and Facebook these past few weeks has agreed to be our "virtual physician" for any issues that may arise and don't require emergency medical care as we continue to travel the world.  (See our original story here regarding our medical visit to Dr. Candy a few weeks ago).
Is it any wonder that we've spent our days outside on this exquisite veranda?
This provides both of us with a tremendous peace of mind, knowing at any time, we can contact Dr. Candy via Facebook Messenger with medical questions.  She will be a tremendous asset to us both.  Should you ever visit the Central Valley, don't hesitate to contact Dr. Candy with any medical concerns.
A portion of the grounds on a sunny day.
Tomorrow morning, we'll be out the door by 8:00 am.  We'll upload tomorrow's post with our "final expenses" for our 113 nights in Costa Rica while at the airport awaiting our flight to Miami. 
The en-suite master bath.
Tomorrow evening, our long-time friend Carol with whom we stayed for a few nights in Boca Raton, Florida, January 2013 (see this post and this post) after we disembarked our first cruise (which traveled through the Panama Canal), is picking us up at our hotel at 6:30 pm for a dinner get-together.  It will be great to see her almost five years later!
The beautiful walkway down to the driveway.
May your day be filled with sunshine, warmth, and love! 

Photo from one year ago today, November 21, 2016:
Protest signs at the Parliament building in Adelaide as we walked through the downtown area during a port of call stop.  For more photos, please click here.


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