Final expenses for Costa Rica...113 nights...Surprising numbers...Favorite bird photos...Off we go!

Flame-colored Tanger.
"Sightings from the Veranda in Costa Rica"
The Social Flycatcher is less shy than many other species and have come to call almost every day singing their special tune and dive bombing each other.  We've never failed to take the time to notice these frequent visitors.
We're on our way to the airport after 113 nights living in Atenas, Costa Rica.  It's been highly enjoyable mainly due to our easy and comfortable luxury surroundings in this stupendous villa in the Roca Verde gated community.

Fiery-billed Aracari.
Now, as we fly away, we don't have expectations that going forward, daily life will be as easy or as comfortable.  Certainly, living in South Africa with its hot humid climate during their summer months with an endless variety of scary looking insects, lots of mozzies and limited convenient services at times, won't compare to the life we've lived in Costa Rica.
Hoffman's Woodpecker.
But, we've made important choices for that which appeals to our tastes and desires and in doing so, sometimes there are adjustments, adaptation, and sacrifices necessary to meet those goals.
Pair Social Flycatchers.
Now, as we fly away today, we've reviewed our expenses to share with you today.  Often, there's a misconception that living in certain countries is "cheap" but that's not always the case.  One can live a low-cost lifestyle in many countries if they're willing to live modestly and frugally with fewer amenities and conveniences.
Rufous-naped Wren.
Our goals fall somewhere in the middle...we like modern well-equipped vacation homes but we're willing to redefine our preferences to accommodate reality in any location.  At times, we've lived in modest properties and at other times, lived in somewhat luxurious surroundings.
Yellow-tailed Oriole.
For those of you who've read yesterday's post, the fine property in Atenas, Costa Rica provided us with a sense of upscale living which we never took for granted nor do we expect this type of property to be "the norm" going forward.
Tropical Kingbird.
We fully thank our hosts, Bev and Sam, friends we made in Kauai for renting this fine property to us at special pricing based on the fact we were willing to stay for an extended period during the rainy season, not the usual rental situation.
Green Parrots.
Here are our total expenses for our 113-night stay in La Perla in Atenas, Costa Rica:
 Expense  US Dollar  Costa Rica Colones 
 Vacation Home  $                  9,399.20  $                5,332,002.11
 Airfare  $                   1,390.28  $                    788,681.58
 Rental Car   $                     650.45  $                    368,988.93
 Taxi  $                     457.81  $                    259,707.62
 Groceries  $                  3,175.45  $                1,801,377.36
 Dining Out  $                     133.15  $                      75,533.67
 Medical/Pharmacy  $                     744.12  $                    422,126.29
 Tips, Tours &  Enter. $                     273.54  $                    155,174.47
 SIM Card & Data  $                        23.11  $                      13,109.90
 Total  $                16,247.11  $                9,216,701.93
 Avg Daily - 113 nights $                     143.77 $                      81,563.73
 Ave Monthly Cost  $                  4,373.00  $                2,480,896.78

With many big expenses looming in the near future, a high priced 30-night cruise and the outrageously priced Antarctica cruise in January, tightening our belts during this period in Costa Rica made these cruises possible based on our budget.

Now, as we look to Africa on the horizon we'll have another extended period to "lick our wounds" while saving for some exciting events while in Africa which we'll share as we go but include visiting the gorillas in Uganda; seeing Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and experiencing more safaris in various locations throughout the continent.
Inca Doves.
Need I say, we're content, pleased with the decisions we've made and grateful we've been able to stay true to our goals and objectives over these past five years.
Blue Grey Tanager.
Sure, we've made some errors along the way, but in each case, we've learned from them, ultimately providing us with an education one could never learn from a travel guide, book or from experiences retold by others.  Nothing is more powerful and impactful than the lessons learned from personal experience.

Montezuma Oropendola.

We're grateful we've come out unscathed from those less-than-ideal scenarios and continue to hope, strive for and pray for good health and continuing safety in the world surrounding us.

Scarlet Macaw.
Thanks to all of our readers for staying with us during this relatively quiet time mainly made exciting for us by the many exotic and fascinating birds of Costa Rica which we share again today in photos of some of our favorites.
Now, the pace picks up as we head to new horizons, meeting new people, and experiencing new worlds we only dreamed of in our old lives.  Travel along with us, dear friends.  The best is yet to come.

Be safe.  Be well.

Photo from one year ago today, November 22, 2016:
Tom sitting on the train in Adelaide, Australia.  He hadn't gained weight on this cruise forgoing cereals, bread, rolls, donuts, and buns.  For more photos, please click here.


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