Heading out one more time...Four days and counting...

Overlooking a portion of the valley.
"Sightings from the Veranda in Costa Rica"
A fluffed up version on an unknown bird Tom captured in the afternoon.

We decided to return to the market for a few more items for the upcoming cruise since there won't be time or opportunity to shop when we arrive in Florida on Thanksgiving Eve (US holiday) while departing on the cruise the following day, on Thanksgiving Day.  Most likely stores won't be open.

On most cruise embarkation days we've been able to stop a pharmacy or market for any last minute items we may need.  The cruise lines don't weigh baggage nor are the number of items an issue.  But, in most cases, we have a flight to the city where the port is located when baggage weight does become an issue.

While we were in Minnesota during the summer, we purchased an additional small suitcase.  We knew that once our clothing for Antarctica arrived in Florida at our hotel (arrives in the next few days), the sweaters, waterproof pants, hats, gators,  gloves, poles and other items wouldn't fit into each of our single clothing suitcases. 
Apartments located on a busy highway.
There'd be no way to make the cold weather items fit into our existing bags nor would the weight comply with the airline's restrictions.  As it turns out, we'll only pay for having four checked bags, not additional weight if we stay within the individual bag restrictions of 50 pounds (23 kg) each.

We're flying from Costa Rica to Florida and will collect our new items from the shipment that will have arrived from our mailing service at our one-night hotel in Fort Lauderdale. 

We'll unpack the box at the hotel, distributing the various supplies (including my new computer) between our usual single bag each while filling the new bag with the cold weather clothing.  Apparently, according to our mailing service the shipped box weighs about 75 pounds (34 kg).
Cattle on a hill.
Most likely, about a third of the contents of the box will be packing materials, which we'll dispose of, item by item.  The remainder should fit between the remaining bags.  We'll take care of this task as soon as we arrive at the hotel on Wednesday evening prior to going out for dinner.

When the cruise ends in Buenos Aires on December 23rd (Tom's birthday), we'll stay in Buenos Aires until the Antarctica cruise returning on February 8th at which point we'll ship all the winter clothing (including large parkas the cruise line gives to all passengers at no additional charge) back to our Nevada mailing service, along with the new piece of luggage, to hold until some future date.

Perhaps, someday, we'll travel to another cold climate and it will make sense to already have the clothing being stored for us.  This may sound like a lot of work but we calculated the costs and convenience factor discovering this process was most sensible for our needs.
A rare guardrail on a level highway but seldom seen in the mountains.
Today's trip to town may not be the most practical outing when our intent is to go to the supermarket for a few more purchases.  Over these past many months, I've discovered I can drink herbal tea without causing gastrointestinal distress if I add a few tablespoons of unsweetened coconut cream, not coconut milk which often has other ingredients and sugar.  Also, I use it in my daily turmeric tea which I have each afternoon.

The product comes in cans, not my preferred means of storage, which seems to be the only containers used worldwide for this particular product.  When I was certain this product wouldn't be available on the upcoming 30-night South America cruise (I've asked on all prior cruises to no avail), I told Tom I'd live without it. 

Instead, I'd drink bottled water (hate the plastic bottles) throughout the cruise forgoing tea, iced tea, coffee, wine or other beverages in an attempt to keep me feeling at my best.  It's disappointing to be unable to drink any other beverages when food is already so restrictive. 
A hilly road heading toward town from the mountains.
However, I'm grateful I am able to travel the world with my beloved husband/travel companion and have no complaints.  Over the past few days in his usual thoughtful manner, he's been insisting we head back to the market once more to purchase eight cans of the coconut cream to keep in our luggage.  We can keep the opened cans cold, stored in one of our plastic containers in the fridge in the cabin.

I hesitated, knowing the added weight of eight cans, at about one pound each, would add 2.7 kg to our luggage.  Purchasing them here in Costa Rica has an impact on the weight of the baggage for the upcoming American Airlines flight on Wednesday. 

He insisted on the premise that this item was well deserved when how I eat on a ship is very restrictive and relatively tasteless.  Finally, yesterday afternoon, I relented.
Barrier trees lining the road the Roca Verde neighborhood.
This morning at 9:00 am we took a taxi to town once again for the market and another stop at a local pharmacy.  By 11:00 am, we'd returned with at least another 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of additional "stuff" to load into our bags including three small bags of organic unsweetened cocoa, another item I seem to tolerate in moderation, another special treat.

On Tuesday, we'll pack everything.  In most cases, we can have everything packed within a few hours.  I'll have two posts to complete on Tuesday as well, one daily post and also Wednesday's "final expenses" post which I'll upload at the airport in San Jose.  On Thursday, we'll also do a daily post from the hotel with new photos and updates.

That's our day folks!  Once we're done here, we'll probably spend two to three hours in the pool on this blissfully sunny day while Isabel is busy cleaning the house.
House at the end of the mountain roads in Roca Verde, our neighborhood these past almost four months.
May you have a blissfully sunny day as well, if not in regard to the weather, in your hearts!

Photo from one year ago today, November 18, 2016:
A historic street in Perth which we visited one year ago while on the 33-night cruise circumventing Australia.  For more photos, please click here.


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