Shopping malls throughout the world....Final photos from Managua Nicaragua...

The adorable costumed girl waved when she spotted us with a camera at the Metrocentre Mall in Managua Nicaragua.
"Sightings from the Veranda in Costa Rica"
Sun setting behind the mountain
We've learned a lot visiting shopping malls throughout the world.  Neither of us cares to shop.  In our old lives, I couldn't drag Tom to a mall for anything. Now, that shopping is generally off our radar, he seems to find it interesting from a cultural basis.
The Metrocentre Mall in Managua is a popular destination for tourists.  It was located across the street from our hotel and a convenient spot to tour.  We didn't buy a thing.
What are we looking for?  It's fascinating to see products and pricing in each country and who is actually shopping to purchase the various items.  Often, we find what may be local middle-income shoppers and a wide array of tourists from all over the world.
These smaller stoves are found in many vacation homes throughout the world.
 In our travels, we've discovered that tourists love shopping.  Many have a mentality that shopping is one of the motivators for visiting certain parts of the world, especially those known for great bargains.
Prices are high in electronics stores in Nicaragua and Costa Rica as opposed to what we've paid for such items in the US.
A faction of tourists aren't aware (or perhaps they are aware) that many products sold at tourist shopping venues are often "knock-offs" which may or may not be quality versions of the pricier originals.  But, even these are snapped up by tourists.  Locals are seldom seen making purchases at knock-off shops.
We giggled when we enter the store, "As Seen on TV."  I guess Costa Rica isn't that far away after all.
We've often noticed cruise passengers disembarking the ship at various ports of call wheeling empty suitcases ready to be filled with locally designed and made wares, trinkets, clothing, and art. 

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Years ago, when we occasionally traveled, I suppose I wasn't much different than other tourists.  It was fun to purchase gifts for family and friends and odds and end clothing and household items for myself.  Tom would have nothing to do with any of it.

A tall Christmas tree was being decorated in the mall.
When we decided to travel the world in 2012, we explained to our family members that we wouldn't be purchasing trinkets for them or our grandchildren that we discovered throughout the world.  None of our adult children had room in their homes for useless decorative items.  Nor did we want our children purchasing gifts for us at Christmas and our birthdays.
This store was packed with Halloween products.  We were there on October 29th with only two days to go for the big event.
Thus, we mutually agreed we'd only buy gifts for our six grandchildren, all to be purchased and shipped in the US.  Our grandchildren especially enjoy gift cards to be able to purchase digital equipment and games.  Now, as they get older, (the eldest is 17), gift cards are the only sensible purchase.
Visitors standing in a long queue to get into the Western Union store.  Inside the store, dozens were seated in chairs awaiting their turn.
Since we've recently replaced all of our clothing while in the US this past summer and recently purchased all of the required clothing for Antarctica from Amazon, we're set until we return to the US for a visit in 2019.
The mall has two main levels which included a movie theatre.
When we return to the US, we'll replace any worn items.  In the interim, we have enough to last until that time.  We're very cautious in laundering clothing to ensure nothing is ruined or shrunk in the wash.  We prefer to hang many items outdoors to dry and, in most vacation homes throughout the world, we seldom have a clothes dryer.
This is a robot type ride for kids.  Note the popular global clothing store in the background, originating from Italy.
Wandering through the Metrocentre Mall in Nicaragua was reminiscent of malls in the US with many familiar store brands, kiosks, and food courts.  Although these types of malls are less interesting to us than the shopping areas in remote parts of the world, it's always interesting to peruse the products offered in other countries.
We stopped to drool over baked goods, purchasing none.
As for grasping the pricing, as soon as we arrive in any country we quickly learn the foreign exchange rate in comparison to US dollars, allowing us to make sensible decisions when grocery shopping or making any other types of purchases. 
Several small Halloween kiosks were set up for kids.
This morning we were both up and out of bed by 5:30 am.  I've already made most of tonight's dinner, one of our favorites, Low Carb Chicken Pot Pie.  Over these past weeks, we've made a point of cooking our favorites when we know we won't be cooking for 80 days once we leave Costa Rica in 15 days. 

Wow! Departure date is coming up quickly.  We're savoring each and every moment in Atenas Costa Rica.

May you savor your day!

Photo from one year ago today, November 7, 2016:

Our ship docked in Darwin Australia for the day.  Here is the downtown area of Darwin with office buildings, restaurants and shopping.  For more details, please click here.


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