Day 18...Cruise to South America...Part 2...Arica, Chile...The cruise continues...An amazing coincidence!

Adult and baby pelicans atop a fishing net.
"Sightings from the Veranda while Cruising"

A scene of Arica, Chile from the veranda.
Last night at the nightly Captain's Club party we had an opportunity to meet several passengers, engaging in interesting conversation as usual.  Toward the end of the two-hour party, we stumbled upon a woman that sent us reeling in awe of the coincidence.

Boulevard scene in Arica, Chile.
Here we are sailing around part of the South America continent and we met Marjorie who lives in a town nearby us (in our old lives) and attended the same church we attended in Victoria, Minnesota many moons ago. 

Arica is beautifully decorated for Christmas.
It was Father Bob who is still pastor at St. Victoria who married Tom and I one year after our civil ceremony after we'd had our former marriages annulled.  Oh, my what a coincidence!

Dining in the open mall area.
Marjorie shopped at the same markets where we shopped, bought her eggs and chickens from the same farmers in the area.  We were shocked by the opportunity to meet Marjorie.  Of course, she'll say hello to Father Bob for us.

It was pleasant walking through the interesting town.
After our enthusiastic conversation in the Constellation Lounge, we invited Marjorie to join us for dinner in the main dining room, the Trellis Restaurant.  She had planned to meet up with her sister and brother-in-law in San Antonio (the second embarkation point on this cruise) and due to bad weather in the US, they missed embarkation day.

Arica is a popular tourist town.
Instead, they had to fly to today's port of call, Puerto Montt to catch the cruise
while it's in port for approximately 10 hours.  We hope it all works out for them.  That could certainly be a stressful situation which also occurs when passengers go on private tours and don't get back to the ship in time for it's sail away at the end of the day.

Walk-up McDonald's restaurant attracted quite a crowd.
After dinner ended it was almost 10:00 pm and we decided to head back to the cabin for an early night's rest.  Neither of us has slept well on the cruise and we are both exhausted.

An old locomotive on display at Colon Park.
After another fitful night's sleep with both of us awakening every few hours, we're still a bit sluggish today hoping to take a 20-minute nap later in the day.  We're planning to get off the ship today after we upload the post, to visit the town of Puerto Montt which supposedly has some interesting history.
A colorful fishing boat.
Most likely, we'll get on a tender by noon spending the bulk of the afternoon in town taking photos on yet another cool and cloudy day.  Much to our surprise, it has been cold during most of this cruise. 

More colorful fishing boats in the harbor.
We'd imagined South America would be very warm during the time of year but were we ever wrong.  Temperatures, although not outrageously cold have been in the 50's and 60's Fahrenheit (10C and 16C). 
Another outdoor cafe hoping to attract ship passengers and other tourists.
Today, when we leave the ship, we'll be wearing some of our clothing we purchased for the upcoming Antarctica clothing.  We're thrilled we have these warm items with us.  I've been wearing sweaters I'd purchased for that cruise over the past several days.  We'll be adding our heaviest jackets when we soon disembark on the tender boats.   
We couldn't determine what this white patch consisted of.  Any comments?
Today, we're posting the final photos for Arica, Chile and tomorrow we'll be back with more photos.  How silly we were, worried we wouldn't have enough photos to share during this cruise.  We'll be lucky to share the bulk of them.

Was this small wood building used to store musical instrument for street musicians?  We weren't certain.
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A lonely looking stray dog.
May you have a lovely weekend day during this busy holiday season!
Photo from one year ago today, December 10, 2016:
Upside down Christmas tree on display at Makers Workshop in Burnie, Tasmania. 
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