How will we post while in Antarctica with the sketchy and slow signal?...

My guy, looking fit, slim and happy after taking good care of his health.
We've been contemplating how we'll upload posts and photos once we begin the Antarctica cruise in 11 days.  We read numerous accounts online as to the difficulty of receiving and sending an email let alone publishing a post laden with photos and text.

Previously, I used the app Live Writer which allows the blogger to write the post with photos while offline and uploading when there's a signal, even if for a short period.
The waiting area outside of La Cabrera for the early bird diners which begins at 6:30 pm and ends at 8:00 pm with a 40% discount on the bill.
Unfortunately, Windows is no longer supporting this app and it no longer works.  Instead, a few days ago, I purchased an app called Blogjet for US $39.95 (ARS 747) with a 30-day money-back guaranty from a reliable company I've used in the past, hoping it would solve the problem.

Unfortunately, for some odd reason, my blogger/google username and password won't be accepted to allow the prepared post to upload when I instruct it to do so.  I verified my username and password with google and there was no issue. They are correct.
Complimentary olives and a delicious tuna pate are served before the meal.  All of today's photos are new although they may look familiar from a prior meal at La Cabrera.
To get this issue resolved would require an enormous amount of technical work and cost if I pursued a resolution.  It's not as if you can "call" google and get technical service for issues like this. 

There are thousands of forums entries that address this issue and it sounds as if my problem has been experienced by others with many suggested solutions I've tried, to no avail.  It's a hopeless cause. 
More complimentary items served moment prior to the arrival of the main course which includes roast garlic (in the forefront), applesauce, mashed potatoes and mashed pumpkin. Tom took the mashed potatoes and applesauce while I had the garlic and pumpkin.  Delicious!
I can get my email, perform other google related tasks and continue to post in the blog, but I was fearful, if I made any major changes, it could cause a problem preventing me from doing either.  No way would I risk this.

I contacted the company from which I purchased the software and they were no help, nor did I expect them to be. But, it was worth asking if they'd had such an issue with other customers.  No response.  So it goes.
Tom was served an egg salad along with his monstrous steak.
So, I asked myself how could I prepare posts offline to later be uploaded when we get a signal on the ship?  Apparently, when there is a signal its comparable to that of a dial-up connection of 25 years ago. 

It's not the problem of the ship's satellite.  It's Mother Nature's fault for her majestic mountains and glaciers in the very remote location.  Who's to argue with Her?  Not us.
Tom's medium rare, perfectly prepared steak, was accompanied with three sauces.  Not a sauce kind-of-guy, he ate the steak and mashed potatoes along with a few tastes of my roasted garlic.
When writing a post, one cannot use a typical word processing document such as Word, in its original format.  Not only will it not upload properly but the formatted elements of Word and other such apps speak a different "language" than that of the Internet.  Many outrageous errors and formatting issues would be uploaded.

In a hopeful state of mind, I perused Word on my laptop to discover there is such an appropriate document available for use while blogging.  Yesterday,  I tested the capability of my writing a post, copying and pasting it and uploading it to our blog while online.  It worked without errors.
Chef Ramsey would be proud of this perfectly cooked medium rare 800 gram  (28 ounce) sirloin steak.  The rib eyes looked good but have more fat and Tom prefers less fat on his meat.
Some of our readers may have noticed a new post pop up yesterday that read "test" and suddenly disappear after I was satisfied it would work.  Usually, one can't easily copy and paste from other non-web related documents.  (There are some exceptions).

Then, I busied myself for awhile preparing the working documents in "blog" format using Word, naming each one of the succeeding days on the cruise as Day 1 Antarctica
Day 2 Antarctica
Day 3 Antarctica
and so on...until Day 17 Antarctica, the final day of the cruise.

Each day, after we return from our Zodiac boat expeditions (twice a day in good weather), I'll proceed to prepare the post as usual and wait for a time slot when there's a good signal.  This may be in the middle of the night when fewer passengers are online.  Even with a slow signal, it should be able to upload a story and a few photos.
Once again, I couldn't resist the Caesar salad but this time I didn't request the add-on avocado since last time they included an entire huge avocado cut into big chunks.  I couldn't eat that much especially when Tom placed a big slice on his steak on my plate.
The cruise consists of 7 sea days (out of 17 days total) where we won't be getting off the ship and it will be during those days that I'll be fine tuning the upcoming posts for eventual download.

Now, let's supposed the worst possible scenario...we're unable to post anything with the poor signal which is a possibility.  In that case, I want all of our readers to know not to worry about our safety. 

Please know that as soon as we're back in Buenos Aires for a quick two days, we'll upload a few of the posts and continue uploading them after we get to Africa and get a night's sleep after the long trip.  In that case, we'll probably do two posts a day, one about our arrival in Marloth Park and it's adventures and the other, the awaiting post from Antarctica.
At the end of the meal, a giraffe containing lollipops was delivered to each table.
Our entire bill including a full-sized bottle of Malbec, (the balance of which we took with us) and Tom's large bottle of beer was a grand total of US $56.75 (ARS 1,063) including tax and a generous cash tip.  Wow!  The 30-minute wait outside until the doors open was worth it!
I'll make it clear at that time.  No worries.  On the post prior to our departure to Ushuaia to board the ship, we'll repost the link for this post as a reminder.

Now, I can relax a little during our remaining time in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Next week, we'll begin the daunting task of packing what we're taking with us and packing what we're leaving behind in cardboard boxes since we'll be taking our two large suitcases with us (23 kg), 50-pound limit each). 

The hotel will store the items we leave behind which will be 70% of the clothing we originally carried in our bags consisting of mostly warm weather clothing.  It will all work out well.

Last night, we savored a second visit to La Cabrera and couldn't resist sharing some of those photos after an exceptional meal.  Today, I'll be working with our web person to make updates on our site, including once and for all, writing a piece for the "About Us" tab at the top of the page.  We'll let you know when that's ready.

That's it for today, folks.  May you have a fabulous end of the week and look forward to a delightful weekend.  As always, we'll be thinking about YOU!

Photo from one year ago today, January 12, 2017:
We visited Brett, a citizen of Penguin, Tasmania who has spent the past 40 years building his beer memorabilia collection.  It was fun to see this exceptional collection.  For more details and photos, please click here.


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