Part 1...Challenges along the way...Comments on new cruise bookings...Lost a loved one...

La Panera Rosa, deli market, is similar to Panera in the US. "Bebidas con alcohol," translates to
"drinks with alcohol."  Tom had a beer while I had a glass of red wine. 
We apologize for today's late posting and other day's late postings since we arrived in Buenos Aires. Today, as it turned out, I spent most of the morning trying to purchase a Visa gift card for our granddaughter Maisie's upcoming birthday but was unable to do so.
The deli was packed with patrons and the only available table for us was in a highly trafficked area by the front door.  Yesterday's temps were well into the 90's and it was hot where we were seated.
Apparently, there is some type of block preventing online purchases of Visa gift cards in Argentina, perhaps a result of fraud.  We've experienced this a few times in our travels, even while using our VPN, Hotspot Shield.  It still picks up that we're in this country.
Complimentary bread is served with a pink colored, beet flavored "butter" which is, in fact, a fake margarine.  Tom passed on it, asking for real butter which he didn't receive instead getting some gummy concoction.
With no other alternative, I've asked our daughter-in-law Camille if I can send her a Bill-Pay check which she'll cash, placing the money into the online card we'll send Maisie.  The challenges of traveling the world can easily present these types of issues.  However, there's always a workaround.
Instead of butter, he was served this margarine which he didn't use.  We've yet to see real butter since we arrived in Buenos Aires, except at La Cabrera, a high-end restaurant.
Today, we planned to mention new cruises we've listed in our recent upcoming 852-day itinerary in this post.  None of these particular cruises have been described in prior posts and yet were all a driving force in determining our lengthy itinerary.  Tomorrow, we'll post the cost and itinerary for a few of these cruises.
Tom ordered a barbecue pork sandwich which came with three onion rings.
One of these cruises listed in the itinerary embarks from Southampton, England on October 24, 2019, with a port of call in Boston, Massachusetts, on October 31, 2019 (the seventh anniversary of our world travel).  We'd hoped we'd be able to visit beloved Uncle Bernie, my father's brother, in the 100th year of his life.

Sadly, a few days ago, Uncle Bernie, 98 years old, passed away and our hearts are broken we won't get to see him one more time.  In September 2014, we purposely selected a cruise from Harwich, England which ended in Boston, so we could see Uncle Bernie and my dear cousin Phyllis. 
I ordered a gluten, sugar, and starch free salad.  When it arrived it was topped with these breadsticks.  I sent it back explaining I needed an entirely new salad due to the contamination from the flour.   We saw some appealing plates being served.  Had we ordered differently we may have had an entirely different experience.
Of course, when we left after a three-day visit, we were realistic in understanding we may never see him again.  Our dream of one more visit with him was dashed when he passed away on January 2nd.  My father passed away in a tragic work accident in 1960 (see the story here) and Uncle Bernie was his last remaining brother. 

We've decided to keep the cruise booking with Boston as a port of call, hoping we'll see cousin Phyllis for a few hours when we're in port that day. That cruise ends in Fort Lauderdale on November 8, 2019, at which point we'll fly to Nevada for a few week stay to visit son Richard and renew our driver's licenses, visit my sister Julie in California and also visit Tom's sisters and their husbands in Arizona. 
Decorated shelves in the restaurant.
It will be a busy few weeks until we depart for South America for more sites we'd like to see.  As a matter of fact, our upcoming itinerary will keep us very busy over these next over two years  Now, as we busily work on bookings for these upcoming dates, we're comfortable and content to do so while here in Buenos Aires.

Tomorrow, weather providing, (it's raining today) we plan to head out sightseeing after we upload the day's post.  After so much sightseeing on the recent 30-night cruise, we've been content to stay in the hotel lobby during the days and head out on foot each night to peruse the lovely Palermo area and find a new spot for dinner. 
A refrigerated case was filled with yummy looking desserts.
So far, we haven't dined at the same restaurant twice.  In a week or sooner, we'll begin returning to favorites as the time quickly winds down until the Antarctica cruise. 

Today's photos include a restaurant we've visited last night with a few disappointing results which may have been an entirely different experience during a less busy time and in ordering different menu items.
A tower of pancakes for dessert for other patrons, not us.
Have a blissful day, rain or shine!

Photo from one year ago today, January 5, 2017:
Actually, Tasmanian Devils aren't as ugly we'd expected, except when showing their teeth when threatened.  The photos we took of the rescued animals, the intent of Wing's Wildlife Park, left them little reason to feel threatened in the spacious habitat in which they comfortably live among other animals.  For more details, please click here.


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