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As the sun was waning during our evening drive...Sunsets in Africa seem to be the most spectacular we've seen in our travels.
The last time I planned a party was when we were about to leave Marloth Park on February 28, 2014.  It's customary when someone is leaving South Africa to host their own going-away party. 
As darkness began to fall, we squealed with delight when we had to slow down for this ostrich walking down the center of the road.  Could it have been Clive or Clove or one of her offspring from our four-year-ago visit?
We invited a small group for dinner shortly before we left.  The friends we'd made were in two groups, one related to our rental in one way or another and other friends we'd met along the way. 
We dared to get a little closer to take this shot through the windshield.  We didn't want to scare her away.
At one point or another, we'd had everyone over for dinner and now as we plan my birthday in five days, I realized we hadn't planned a party anywhere in the world since that time and this time, we're including both groups.  We're so excited.

Finally, she moved over so we could pass but we watched her in the rearview mirror, stay on the road for quite some time.  What a treat!
This morning, we ordered a regular birthday cake from Jannine (correct spelling), the Marloth Park "cake lady."  I'll bake a small coconut flour cake for me and we'll be able to celebrate eating cake together. 

I'm so excited to be celebrating this milestone birthday with these fine friends.  Turning 70 can be daunting but I'm looking at it like a celebration of life, love, friendship and the non-stop joy of experiencing the world each and every day of this unusual lifestyle we've chosen to live,
Mr. Kudu on the side of the road as we passed on the way to the little market in Marloth Park. Now, these stunning males are visiting us in the yard.  Photos will follow!
Last night we went to Jabula Restaurant & Lodge to see our old friends, Dawn and Leon, owners of the restaurant and had a fabulous time.  They'd set up beautiful outdoor tables with Valentine decorations, reserving one for us. 

After wine and beer at the bar, we took our table and chatted with a party of three sitting next to us.  After our exceptional dinner which including two red wines for me and four beers for Tom (little lushes we are when out, not at "home") our total bill including tip was US $47.82 (ZAR 586).
We spotted three wildebeests when we went for our evening drive in the park.
Of course, I ordered "my usual" (from four years ago) peri-peri chicken livers and a huge grilled Greek chicken salad.  Tom ordered barbecue ribs, chips (fries) and salad.  We couldn't have enjoyed it more.

Today, I'm busy cooking one of our favorite homemade recipes, the first full meal I will have prepared in 85 days.  We both longed for our favorite low carb dish, Chicken Pot Pie to which we'll add a green salad. 
A thought-provoking pose with a bot of vegetation in her mouth.
Although this seems like a cold-weather dish, when we spend most of our lives in warm or hot weather, we don't let the weather dictate what we'd like to eat.  This dish could definitely be classified as comfort food and most certainly we don't require much more comfort than we're feeling now, but it will be fun to sit down with this fine meal tonight.
Wildebeests are commonly seen in Marloth Park and neighboring Kruger National Park.
Once we're done posting today and I finish chopping and dicing we'll head back to Komatipoort to purchase a few more items we hadn't been able to find on Monday and hopefully find an HDMI cable.  Like many cables, eventually, they wear out as was the case with ours. 
Impalas are often referred to a "MacDonalds" when they are the chosen meal for many predators.
We're thrilled to be getting visitors several times a day, feeding them the nourishing pellets and talking to them in my usual high pitched voice. Hopefully, soon, some of the regulars will recognize my voice.  So far, no warthogs.  I wait patiently.

Today's high temperature is expected to be 97F (36C) and yet we still sit outdoors all day, sweating up a storm, content as we can be. 

Be content today and always!


Photo from one year ago today, February 15, 2017:
In the Huon Valley in Tasmania, we so enjoyed the fresh picked organic vegetables from owners Anne and Rob's garden.  For more photos, please click here.


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