Busy morning in the bush...An infrequent visitor...Tomorrow, we fly to Zambia..

Tom, looking over the edge of the veranda at night to see who's come to call.
"Sighting of the Day in the Bush"
Last night's sunset through the trees.
Our packing is almost completed. Its been fairly easy.  Marta ironed a few shirts for us after we washed all the clothes we wanted to bring, including all of our insect repellent "BugsAway" shirts and pants and appropriate items to wear to dinner.
A single mongoose attempting to crack a fresh egg.  They're smart enough to know to bang the eggs on the ground or on tree roots to crack them open. 
With so little clothing, it wasn't difficult selecting what we'd need for the seven days and nights we'll spend in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana, a relatively short trip for us.
We wanted to use a few dozen eggs we had left for the mongoose before leaving for our trip.  For the first time, we just placed them in the unopened bowl to watch the playful frenzy.
All we have left to pack are a few toiletry items we'll need to use in the morning and our plethora of digital equipment; laptops, cameras, chargers, tripod, and phones, etc. 
At first, they weren't quite sure what to do since we always scramble the eggs in this bowl.  But, it didn't take them long to figure out they could grab one and run to crack it on their own.
It will be easy this time; only one checked bag and one carry on each, a less than two hour non-stop flight from Nelspruit each way and a short pre-arranged ride from the Livingstone Airport to our hotel.

Our only concern, is will we be able to get back into South Africa after this short time away...immigration-wise, that is?  We won't know until May 18th when we return to Nelspruit.  It makes no sense to worry.  We have a great backup plan in mind should the requirement arise.  We'll share details later.
When the eggs were gone, the mongoose continued to investigate the bowl.  This one, with "egg on her face" figured out the eggs were gone.
Honestly, I don't really feel like going on a trip but then again, neither does Tom.  It's hard to leave when we're so content here.  It's not as if we "need a vacation/holiday.  Good grief! Speaking of "non-stop" our lives are a non-stop vacation/holiday.
We were thrilled to see a wildebeest in the yard this morning, an uncommon occurrence.
As mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm sure once we're situated in our hotel and begin the tours the following day, we'll be perfectly content and thoroughly enjoy the experiences ahead of us.  It always seems to go that way, doesn't it?
He opted for some pellets.
This morning kept us rather busy with five species of visitors crowding out one another in the yard.  We had "My Girl," my favorite kudu, who is easily identifiable by a notch in her right ear, most likely a result of an injury or birth defect, stop by several times today.  
"The head of the wildebeest is large and box-like. Both males and females have curving horns, that are close together at the base, but curve outward, inward and slightly backward. The body looks disproportionate, as the front end is heavily built, the hindquarters slender and the legs spindly. The wildebeest is gray with darker vertical stripes that look almost black from a distance."
Then, we had "Tom's Girl," an adorable bushbuck, as shown in today's photos who absolutely loves him and waits for him at the edge of the veranda, barely able to see over, while he gets treats for her. We can always see her perky ears peeking up over the white ceramic tiles, waiting for him. It's the cutest thing!

The baby of Tom's favorite bushbuck who visit each day with her mom and a friend (or an aunt).
With numbers of bushbucks, kudus, Vervet monkeys (whom we don't feed)and an infrequent visit from a wildebeest and, dozens of guinea fowl monopolizing all the dirt surfaces, it was a great start to the day.  It was only in the past few minutes that things settled down and now it's quiet again.
The little one is finally interested in the vegetables, apples, and pellets.  This mom is "Tom's Girl."
Tonight will be a quiet night. We'll finish the food we have planned and stay outside enjoying the sights and sounds of the bush until its time to head to bed, perhaps a little earlier than usual in order to get a good night's sleep for tomorrow's big adventure.

Tomorrow, we won't be posting in the morning, instead, we'll prepare a post once we're situated in our hotel which should be uploaded by 5:00 pm, our time, five or six hours later than our usual upload time.
Last night, we counted 12 bushbabies coming down from the trees to partake of the cup of strawberry yogurt.
Next time you "see" us here, it will be from Zambia, another country we'll be adding to our world travel map as shown on the right side of our homepage, underneath the photo of us in Petra.  Also, during this trip, we'll be adding Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Stay well and happy until, soon...we meet again!

Photo from one year ago today, May 10, 2017:
New friends with whom we spent a lot of time aboard the cruise: Ray, Terry, Ulla, and Julie.  We've all continued to stay in touch via Facebook.  For more photos, please click here:


Anonymous said...

Enjoy peace and tranquility during your upcoming mini vacation !
Gary & Judy

Jessica said...

Gary & Judy,
Thanks so much for your good wishes. Hope you both are doing well and soon you'll be able to return to your world travels,

Much love always,
Jess & Tom

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