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The sunset changed second by second, each scene more beautiful than the last while at Aamazing River View Restaurant last night.
"Sighting of the Day in the Bush"
Ms. Bushbuck and her baby stop by every day, sometimes on several occasions.  The baby certainly has grown over these past months.
Before we begin our review of Aamazing River View Restaurant overlooking the Crocodile River and Kruger National Park, it's important to mention the word "amazing" is spelled with two "a's".  Secondly, we must mention we were not "comped" or provided with any special pricing for this review and story.

We'd been to this restaurant a few times since we returned to Marloth Park on February 11th but had only stayed for drinks, later heading home after the sunset to make our own dinner. 
The reserved table was beautifully set.
Aamazing River View has the best views of the Crocodile River and the tall banks along the river in Kruger National Park to be found anywhere in Marloth Park.  Plus, after last's night dining experience we will undoubtedly return on many more occasions during our remaining months in the park.
Comfortable indoor and outdoor dining is available on two levels.
With a guaranteed stunning sunset on clear or partially clear evenings and the potential to see big game or even the Big 5 if patient and diligent, there's nothing quite like this special location.
Tom's pork ribs and chips which he thoroughly enjoyed.
Over these past few months, we've noticed some negative comments about this dining establishment posted on Facebook, some actually "hateful" and disarming.  This always shocks us.  If one doesn't care for a restaurant why not address the issues with the owner and/or management, sharing one's concerns.

Why bash a restaurant even if you've had a few less than desirable experiences?  It's our responsibility as consumers to let a purveyor know we aren't satisfied with the quality of their products and services, rather than spewing hateful comments online for everyone to see.
My plate of succulent grilled calamari steak with a vinaigrette dipping sauce was delicious.  I'd definitely order this again.
Doing so ultimately has the tendency to reduce the number of customers and in the process makes it more difficult and costly for management to make necessary changes to improve the quality of their food and services, if...that's the case.
We were thrilled to be seated at a comfortable booth with excellent views of the Crocodile River.  When staying to dine, guests can reserve a table with views.
But, at Aamazing River View, last night, without a doubt we had an excellent meal; hot and delicious with the freshest ingredients with exemplary service comparable to any we've experienced in Marloth Park or in any dining establishments we've experienced throughout the world.  Literally, nothing was wrong nor could we even suggest a change or two.
The restaurants in Marloth Park are all casual.  No fancy attire required!
However, in speaking with management (Elaine) and the owner (Andre), they expressed genuine and heartfelt appreciation of their customers and are open to suggestions if a situation occurs that requires attention.  This should be the case with all restaurants and often is.

However, there's a faction of people out there in cyberspace that prefer to spew their negative comments online rather than deal with their concerns face-to-face to the appropriate management.  This may damage the future success of a business with the potential to steer other customers away. 
A sunset is always more stunning with a few clouds on the horizon.
Last night's experience at Aamazing River View only spurred us on to get the word out that local Marlothians need to band together to support local businesses. 

Holiday rentals, restaurants and shops are vital to the financial success of this special community.  In essence, property values are enhanced by the success of every aspect of Marloth Park; the success and harmony of restaurants and shops; the management of holiday rental; the health and well being of wildlife; the removal of alien invasive plants; the control of speeding on paved Oliphant Street and all dirt roads for the safety of the wildlife and humans; the ability to maintain a peaceful and quiet environment to enrich the quality of life for the animals and the humans who reside herein.
What a sight to see while looking toward Kruger National Park across the Crocodile River.
We encourage all of our local readers to give Aamazing River View another try or visit them for the first time. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the view, the food, and the service. And then, if something isn't quite as you'd expected, quietly and respectfully express your concerns to management.

We're disappointed to see Facebook become such a place for vitriol and hatred by some individuals. We use it to stay in touch with family and friends while we're so far away. But, over these past few years, we've seen it become a resource for bashing, hating and hurting others.  Why?
What a sunset.  This looked like a bird to me.  Do you see that?
I'd love to see more cute and outrageous animal videos, along with photos of family and friends, and recommendations for the good, the great and the excellent.

Today, we'll post excellent comments about Aamazing River View on Facebook and TripAdvisor.  Give it a try and you may also do the same.

Happy day!

Photo from one year ago today, June 29, 2017:
Our waiter took this photo of us on our 26th anniversary of the day we met at this same location, now a different restaurant.  For more photos, please click here.


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