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In South Africa, prescriptions are dispensed in plastic packs in these types of boxes, not in bottles.
"Sighting of the Day in the Bush"
Is this a white-crested seedeater?  Please correct me if wrong.
Over the past week, I had an odd discomfort in the front of my right shin but I didn't notice any insect bites or injury.  It wasn't itchy, just painful when I wore anything touching it.

Yesterday morning I awoke to added pain and noticed a raised red circle-like bump, the size of a small lemon.  I wondered if it was an infection or, more worrisome, some type of a blood clot.  One can't be too careful when finding such a thing.

I didn't give it much more of a thought until we were on our way to grocery shop in Komtipoort while wearing shorts and noticed the redness had increased in a few hours.  Since we were heading to Komatipoort anyway, Tom suggested we stop at Dr. Theo's office and see if he could see me without an appointment.  It was close to noon.
This is the receipt for yesterday's doctor appointment, total cost ZAR (rand) 565 (US $38.24).
After a wait of about only 20 minutes at most, Dr. Theo brought me into the exam room.  I so appreciated him squeezing me in.  Their office with several physicians is very busy with appointments booked as tight as possible. These quality physicians have quite a following.

After carefully and diligently checking my leg, he assured me it was definitely not a blood clot and most likely an infection, if treated early enough, could avoid the necessity of taking antibiotics.  He prescribed a cream what was to be applied twice daily.  

In the past 24 hours after only three applications of the cream, its already begun to improve although there still is some redness.  If it doesn't continue to improve over the weekend, antibiotics may be necessary.

It's dirty here...lots of dirt and dust constantly flying through the air especially when the wildlife kick up more and more dirt from the garden when they visit.  Even the slightest scratch could become infected under these conditions.

The ZAR 49.95 (US $3.38) listed on this receipt was for the two tubes of cortisone cream the doctor prescribed.  The balance, the ZAR 1224.49 (US $82,68) was for the entire batch of prescriptions, enough to last for four months.
While visiting with Dr. Theo, I asked for prescriptions for the three medications I take and have for years.  Here in South Africa, many medications can be purchased over the counter in small amounts.  But, for a several month supply, a prescription from a local doctor must accompany the purchase.

None of my three medications are narcotic thus making it relatively easy for a doctor to write a prescription.  As mentioned in yesterday's post describing "what to bring for an African safari," we breezed over prescriptions.  If you missed that post, please click here.

We were both thrilled over the low cost of the doctor's appointment and the costs of the prescriptions.  Actually, next week we'll return to the pharmacy for two more month's supply for the three prescriptions.  They had to order them.  Then, I'll have enough for six months.  

Itemization for the three prescriptions, sufficient for four months.
Before we leave South Africa, either in November or February, (depending on our immigration status) we'll try for another six-month supply even if we I have to go back to the doctor for the required appointment.  At only ZAR 565 (US $38.24) for the appointment, it's certainly worthwhile.

I become frustrated when medical issues arise and sometimes hesitate to mention them here.  But, I do. Many of our worldwide readers are traveling or contemplating traveling and any information we can provide when "things go wrong" may be useful information.  

Its all a part of our continuing transparency and commitment to our readers to "tell it like it is" with no fluff, no minimizing, no exaggerating...plain and simply, the facts, keeping in mind we do tend to get excited when nature unfolds before our eyes.

Speaking of nature unfolding before our eyes, I need to wrap this up.  We're getting ready to head out for our daily drive to see what more treasures we can encounter in this magical place.

May events in your life bring you excitement and enthusiasm.

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