Fantastic days and nights in Pretoria...

Tom and I hid in the bedroom and once the others arrived, we suddenly appeared surprising everyone.  In the background is Keith (Don's brother) and Ken, with Don and Linda in the centre and Robin and Karen in the foreground.  It was a fun surprise.
"Sighting of the Day in the Bush"
Two hippos we spotted when visiting Rita and Gerhard's temporary condo at Ngwenya on Thursday evening.
The past few days have been a whirlwind of activity and socializing.  It couldn't have been more fun.  Kathy and Don are perfect easy-going hosts and every moment with them and friends has been an over-the-top experience.

For the first time since we can remember, we've slept in twin beds which are comfortable with exceptional bedding.  We actually got some much-needed sleep last night after a fun-filled day for Don's birthday.

In attendance were Karen, Keith's daughter and his adult granddaughter Robin (Don's niece and grandniece, respectfully),  friends Linda and Ken who'll be staying with us in Marloth Park for a week beginning on the 14th, and Don's brother Keith and the four of us for a total of nine. 
The lovely table setting on Kathy and Don's veranda.
The birthday party began at noon for a birthday lunch and continued well into the evening.  By 2100 hours (9:00 pm), the others left and we stayed up chatting with Kathy and Don in their comfortable living room until we all drifted off to bed.

Kathy had prepared a delicious lunch of prawns on the braai, chicken wings and chicken pieces, potato salad, and an outstanding avocado lettuce salad.  With plenty of leftovers, in the evening we finished off the remaining food.

The champagne and drinks flowed with ease and the conversations around that table on the veranda was a mix of somewhat controversial subjects and world travel experiences.  It was fun watching and hearing Tom and Robin's hands flying as animated voices expressed their views on many topics.
The beautiful pool in Kathy and Don's garden.
Linda and I chatted enthusiastically anticipating their upcoming visit and later after she and Ken left to tend to their dog at their home about 40 minutes away,  Keith and I got in a huddle and chatted for hours. 

This morning, I was up, showered and dressed for the day by 7:00 am and Tom slept in a little longer which is unusual for him.  Kathy and I took off for Click's Pharmacy this morning when I needed a few cosmetic items I hadn't been able to find in Komatipoort.

Soon, we're taking off for a bit of sightseeing and then at 1300 hours (1:00 pm), we're heading to a Mexican restaurant a 30-minute drive from here.  The entire group, the nine of us are meeting for lunch. 
View from their top floor veranda.
We haven't been to a Mexican restaurant since we were in the US in 2017.  We're both looking forward to savoring Mexican food, much of which I can eat such as the meat, veggies, and guacamole.

Tonight, we'll dine at the house again and tomorrow morning, we'll be returning to Marloth Park.  It's been a fast and fun several days and yet, we look forward to returning to Marloth Park.  We've seen on Facebook, there were some fires in the park and power outages.  
May your Sunday be filled with good friends and good food!

Photo from one year ago today, January 6, 2018:

There were no photos posted one year ago when we described the upcoming cruise on which we sail on March 24, 2019, from Santiago, Chile.  Instead, we posted the itinerary as shown below:

San Antonio, Chile to San Diego, California
15 nights departing March 24, 2019, on Celebrity's Celebrity Eclipse
Our price:  ZAR 
54252.98 ($3,885.68 tips included) 
(Prices listed here are for both of us included taxes and port fees)

Sunday, March 24Santiago (San Antonio), Chile9:00pm

Monday, March 25La Serena, Chile10:00am6:00pm

Tuesday, March 26At Sea

Wednesday, March 27At Sea

Thursday, March 28Lima (Callao), Peru7:00am5:00pm

Friday, March 29At Sea

Saturday, March 30Manta, Ecuador10:00am6:00pm

Sunday, March 31At Sea

Monday, April 1Puntarenas, Costa Rica7:00am4:00pm

Tuesday, April 2At Sea

Wednesday, April 3Huatulco, Mexico10:00am8:00pm

Thursday, April 4At Sea

Friday, April 5Puerto Vallarta, Mexico9:00am5:00pm

Saturday, April 6Cabo San Lucas, Mexico9:00am5:00pm

Sunday, April 7At Sea

Monday, April 8San Diego, CA7:00am


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