What??? We're where? ...Five hour road trip?...

Don, on his birthday, knocking lemons off the tree in their yard for us to take back to Marloth Park.
"Sighting of the Day in the Bush"
Zebra butts on the side of the road when we left Marloth Park yesterday morning.
It's odd that as world travelers we don't care for long road trips. What can we say? Tom despises traffic which causes him considerable angst and stress.

For us, driving long distances even for a day doesn't hold much appeal.  Sure, we often embark on many shorter trips to investigate various points of interest but all day trips inspire us to fly as an alternative.
Tom, at dinner at MooMoo Restaurant at the Brooklyn Mall.
When last Saturday night with the nine of be boo boous at Jabula Lodge and Restaurant Don suggested we drive from Marloth Park to his and Kathy's home Pretoria for his 66th birthday party, I looked across the big table and said to Tom, 'Want to go to Don's birthday party in Pretoria next weekend."

I looked to Kathy hoping she was fine with Don extending the invitation before he discussed it with her.  She was smiling from ear-to-ear, making us feel at ease knowing this was a good idea for her as well.
My already-tasted fabulous filet mignon, cooked rare, with roasted vegetables and a small side salad.
Tom, engaged in lively conversation with his talking hands flailing about, stopped chattering long enough to look at me and state an emphatic "Yes!" without hesitation. 

That night on the way back to our bush house I asked him if it was OK about the long drive.  Our friendship with Kathy and Don was motivation enough for him to make the long drive.

Interior of MooMoo Restaurant.
We left the house at 10:20 am and arrived at the security gate to their house at 1640 hours, (4:40 pm) and they warmly greeted us as they opened the large metal gate.

Their home is absolutely stunning, exactly as they expected.  The grounds, the d├ęcor, and the ambiance is warm and inviting.  Tomorrow, we'll be posting photos of their house here in Pretoria which happens to currently be listed for sale.  Of course, we'll include the link for the price and the listing information. 

The name of this shooter is a "Soweto Toilet."  Tom gulped it down in one fell swoop.
Kathy and Don own a gorgeous bush home in Marloth Park, overlooking the Crocodile  River and several homes in Oahu, Hawaii. By selling this house, it provides them with an opportunity to spend more time in Marloth Park and Hawaii.

Being here at their modern, gorgeously decorated home in a lovely suburban area reminds us of being in the USA.  There are few insects, there's no dust covering every surface, the temperature is less humid and considerably cooler and the availability of shopping and services is overwhelming.
Tom reaching to grab lemons off of the tree.
Last night, we headed to the Brooklyn Mall for dinner at the popular restaurant MooMoo for a fantastic meal. We all ordered delectable steaks, cooked to perfection with interesting and delicious side dishes.  

It proved to be a great evening.  After returning to their home after dinner, we congregated in their beautiful bar area for more lively chatter and nightcaps.  It couldn't have been a more perfect afternoon and evening.

We'd intended to drive back to Marloth Park on Sunday morning but Kathy and Don asked us to stay until Monday. So tomorrow, Sunday, they will show us some of their favorite sites in the big city.  
Kathy's birdhouses.  Without the wildlife in Marloth Park, Kathy spends time feeding many birds that visit the garden.
We enthusiastically agreed to stay and Monday morning we'll head back to Marloth Park, thrilled for the time we'll have had with Kathy and Don and excited to return to see our wildlife and human friends who'll hopefully be returning to our garden. 

Today is Don's birthday party and friends Linda, Ken and Don's brother Keith have no idea we're here.  Seeing them will constitute a fun surprise for the birthday party when we all so much enjoy their friendship as well.

Tomorrow, we'll be back, as mentioned above with photos of Kathy and Don's beautiful home and details.  Please stop by once again.

Happy day to all!

Photo from one year ago today, January 5, 2018:
Tom ordered a barbecue pork sandwich at La Panera Rosa in Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina which came with three onion rings.  It was as dry as it looked.  For more photos, please click here.


Linda said...

Was a great surprise seeing you both yesterday. Look forward to lunch again today Mexican style.

Jessica said...

It was such fun seeing you both two days of our fabulous weekend weekend at Kathy and Don's. See you in a week at our bush house in Marloth Park.
Jess & Tom

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