The human condition...Making and fixing errors...

Bushbuck we call "Friend" since she is always hanging around with bushbuck moms and their offspring but never has one of her own.  She may be the grandmother, beyond her reproductive years.  With her lighter coat, she could be old.  Typically, bushbucks in the wild have a lifespan of 12 years.
"Sighting of the Day in the Bush"
On a rare occasion, a male impala will visit the garden.
Finally, the credit for our two airline tickets from Nairobi, Kenya to Santiago, Chile appeared on our credit card in the amount ZAR 29812, US $2115.  Ethiopian Air had canceled the flight and we were entitled to a full refund which we received through our credit card company last week.

The airline wasn't responding to the request for refund and we had no choice but to bring the issue to the credit card company on which the airfare was originally charged.  They resolved it in no time at all.

Today, in this world of technology in which we're entrenched, we see more human error situations than we'd seen in the distant past.  Did employees formerly take greater pride in a "job well-done" than they do today when they're now almost entirely dependent upon technology performing many of their duties?  Is that why so much falls through the cracks?
Oxpecker with an orange beak.
We often mention how we have to check and re-check scenario after scenario for accuracy and completion of most human performed tasks in the workplace.
Recently, we've seen these types of problems cropping up more than usual.

Of course, there still are those diligent employees who go to any limits to ensure a positive experience for their customers.  However, in the process, they too, are often subject to ancillary support from other staff members who may not care as much as they do.  And then, the entire cycle of errors and inaccuracies follow suit.

Twice, Wells Fargo sent us our renewing debit cards.  Twice they were sent "snail mail" which we specified over and over would never get to us due to the poor postal system in South Africa.  And yet, both times they did the same thing.
Female kudu with oxpecker.
On our third request, we told them to snail mail the cards to our mailing service in Nevada, USA.  Now we must bear the expense of sending the cards here to us via DHL International, never knowing if they will arrive on time before we leave in 35 days.

All of these types of issues must be handled over the phone.  Why?  Because of humans, not technology, that must correct these types of issues.  We've found over the years that we can't be assured the situations will be resolved when communicating by email.

Oftentimes, employees don't bother to deal with their incoming email with the same priority over phone calls.  Perhaps, someday this will change but right now, its in its infancy.  There's a long way to go.
Mongooses are funny little characters with lots of personalities.
If one analyzed the loss of revenue from human incompetency the numbers would be astounding.  Perhaps, it could be as much as the non-error revenue generated in the best of circumstances.

Oh, I'm not purporting I am exempt from making errors as seen by my frequent typos in daily posts even after both of us have proofread the posts from top to bottom each day.  But fortunately, our typos aren't costing our readers their hard earned money or considerable time in figuring out what we "meant" to say.

When we're overbilled or doubled billed, it becomes our responsibility to find the errors and spend the time getting the situation resolved.  This becomes time-consuming and stressful.
Let's face it...there's no "free lunch."  Almost every situation has the potential to become a tiresome and time-grabbing scenario.  If only we could sit back and depend on accuracy and competency to guide us through our future travels.

And the reality remains, travel is one of those areas, where mistakes by humans are rampant.  It is for this very reason, we don't use travel agents.  If there's an error, we want to be able to blame ourselves and resolve it ourselves rather than spending time in patronizing the well-intended travel agent who made the mistake and in beating ourselves up for not catching it sooner.

In other words when working with travel agents one must verify the documents for accuracy and precision.  And, of course, when acting as one own's travel agent, doing the same, checking and re-checking.
The marulas on the ground hold little interest to most of the wildlife.
While we were in the US in 2017, while distracted with numerous plans and activities, I booked a non-refundable flight for the wrong date.  There was nothing we could do but lose the money.  

Now, when booking cruises, holiday homes, flights, and rental cars we always show one another the screen before completing the transaction.  No one is exempt from making errors.  

Sadly, its all a part of the human condition. Sadly, blaming someone after the fact doesn't negate our responsibility in quickly moving forward to resolve the issue(s).

Today, blessedly cool and cloudy, is yet another day in my recovery.  I am working hard to avoid sitting in the same position for long periods due to bedsores in the area of my boney tailbone from lying with my feet up in the same position for the past seven days.

They pose in cute positions in hopes their adorableness will inspire us to feed them.  It does!
Our friend Uschi stopped by to loan us an egg crate mattress cover.  This will be very helpful in reducing the risk of worsening the bedsores and developing more over this next 11 days and nights of total bedrest,

Why in the world didn't I think of the possibility of bedsores a week ago?  Should the doctors and nurses have addressed this potential issue with me when they saw me in the same position day after day during the five full days I spent in hospital subsequent to the two leg surgeries.

I'd never had bedsores in my life nor had I ever considered such a risk would have existed for such a short period of time.  But, as mentioned above, blaming gets me nowhere.  Resolving the issue is my only option at this point which requires the use of the cream the doctor prescribed, the egg crate mattress cover, sheepskin and frequently changing positions to avoid placing more pressure on the area.

Last night, for the first time in over seven weeks, I was able to sleep on my side with pillows supporting my back.  This side position causes discomfort in the still-healing sternum but I can live with that.  As long as I am moving forward a little each day, I am hopeful and optimistic.

Tom is making pizza for himself today and avocado stuffed with shrimp salad for me.  We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Photo from one year ago today, April 6, 2018:
We could watch for hours and rarely see more than a hippo taking a quick breath of air at the hippo pool in Marloth Park.  We were lucky to get this shot.  For more details, please click here.


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