Where would we be today, if...?

"Where is that man," Mr. Hornbill asks as he pecks at the glass when he doesn't get his seeds quickly enough.
"Sighting of the Day in the Bush"

Tom captured three hornbills on the birdfeeder.
If none of this (coronary bypass surgery and subsequent infections in legs) would have happened tomorrow we'd have been arriving in Minneapolis, Minnesota (flying from San Diego after a cruise) tomorrow. 

We'd have spent 17 days in Minnesota visiting family and friends and on April 25th, we'd have flown from Minnesota to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where the following day, we'd have boarded a cruise to Copenhagen, flown to Dublin, Ireland, and then off to our upcoming holiday home in Connemara, Ireland on May 12.
The hornbills have become so brazen they squawk at us when they want seeds.
However, with the recent events, we'll be flying from South Africa to Dublin, Ireland on May 12.  We've yet to make the reservation until we know for certain I can fly by that date. 

We had no idea that the complication of the infection in my legs as a result of the bypass surgery, could delay us any further.  At this point with over a month for my legs to heal sufficiently to fly, we're good to go, at least for this particular leg (no pun intended) of our journey.
This morning, this hornbill stood on the top of the door to let Tom know it was time to eat.
Below is the list of the bookings we had to cancel as a result of the bypass surgery.  Please see this post for the monies we lost when we had non-refundable bookings on most of these.  (We did receive token refunds on the two cruises that were already paid in full and a ZAR 70478, US $5000, partial refund on the Kenya tour when another participant purchased our spot at the last minute).

Marloth Park SA to Kenya - tour booked
 02/21/2019 - 03/08/2019*
Valparaiso, Chile Hotel
 03/09/2019 - 03/24/2019 
Cruise - San Antonio, Chile - San  Diego 
 03/24/2019 - 04/08/2019 
San Diego - fly to Minnesota - hotel stay
 04/08/2019 - 04/25/2019 
Cruise - Fort Lauderdale to Copenhagen 
 04/26/2019 - 05/12/2019
*(In the US when listing dates first include:  month/day of month/year.  In many other countries including South Africa, they first include: day of month/month/year.  Please note the above dates are listed in the US style).
"Maybe he'll think I look cute on the light fixture and he'll get me seeds."
In the past few days, we paid the second installment on the house in Ireland with a final payment due at the end of this month.  Our hope and plan is to continue on.  If we hadn't paid, we'd lose the booking.  We had to take the risk.

Are we confident we'll be able to leave Marloth Park to head to the airport in Nelspruit in 34 days?  We're waiting to book the flight at the last minute when we know for sure.  This tinge of uncertainty is unsettling but there's nothing else we can do.

Big Daddy is more nonchalant when letting us know he wants pellets.  He throws a few winning glances our way and waits patiently.
As I lay here now on the sofa, legs up as necessary, lying on an egg crate mattress topper loaned to us yesterday by friends Uschi and Evan, we're hoping with the addition of the sheepskin the pharmacy ordered for us, arriving tomorrow by special order, I can avoid severe bedsores when could ultimately be my undoing if not properly treated now.  

We're doing everything possible.  Again last night I slept on my side all night, with the egg crate under me to avoid any further pressure injuries.  For the first time in weeks, I slept seven hours straight without the use of any over-the-counter sleep medication.  That is a good sign.

"Will this stance get your attention?"
Are my legs healing?  I'd say my right leg is doing very well.  But, the left leg, attached to the VAC system is still extremely painful.  As we all know, pain is a good indicator of how a wound or injury is healing.  I keep reminding myself that I had two leg operations in the past nine days, one of which was only six days ago.  I need to allow myself a little slack and time to heal.

We have a little over a month for me to heal. As prescribed by the plastic surgeon I'm eating tons of protein via protein powder/collagen and bone broth smoothies Tom makes for me each morning.  Protein is vital for wound healing.  Also, I'm taking big doses of Vitamin C, selenium and zinc, again prescribed by the doctor.
The female kudus will stare us down if we don't bring pellets right away.
Daily, as a dessert in the evening, I'm consuming a cup of unsweetened Greek yogurt mixed with raw cocoa (unsweetened) with raw almond slivers.  Last night for dinner and again tonight I'm having a fantastic salmon/prawn salad Tom made for me stuffed inside both halves of a good-sized avocado.  I can't imagine I could eat any more or any healthier.  (Tom is having homemade pizza he prepared yesterday).  

Each morning around 11:00 am Tom gives me an injection in my stomach of a powerful blood thinner to prevent blood clots.  We have one more dose to go.  I'd never imagined Tom doing this, nor had he, but my guy, my diligent caregiver, continues to do whatever it takes to get me well.

I haven't had a glass of wine in two months and honestly, I don't have a taste for it nor do I know if I ever will.  I suppose I'll go back to my alcohol-free lifestyle as I had for over 20 years.  But, at least I have a LIFESTYLE and for that, we are very grateful. 

Photo from one year ago today, April 7, 2018:
Had Louise and Danie not taken us here, outside of Komatipoort, we'd have no idea this beautiful spot existed.  For more photos, please click here.


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