An interesting road trip on the way to our next location...

This has been our view for the past two weeks.  This has been an excellent place to stay!
Fascinating Fact of the Day About Falmouth
"In 2016, the town was credited with the highly prestigious accolade of GB High St Best Coastal Community."

We're packed and ready to go.  Tom hauled all the bags downstairs and now has to haul each 23 kg (50-pound bag) up two flights of stone steps to reach the car.  

As it turned out we have a choice parking spot and once at the top of the steps, he can begin loading the bags into the car.  Our lovely and helpful neighbor Sheena came by to assist Tom in hauling the bags!

Check-in time at our next location is 4:00 pm but the owners promised to notify us if we can get in earlier.  Most likely, we'll dine out tonight in our new town, St. Teath, Bodmin, Cornwall.  We won't have room in the car for groceries if we stop to shop along the way.

We've decided to do as we'd done in Falmouth...we didn't unpack.  We lived out of our suitcases after taking out only toiletries, a few clothing items, and odds, and ends.  If we need something else, we can dig through the bags to find it.  It made packing quick and easy.

At this point, both needing new clothes, which we'll purchase in Minnesota (there's no state sales tax on clothing, saving us 8%) we'll continue to wear the same items over and over again, saving a few nicer items for outings. 

We've had a good time in Falmouth, having a chance to scour the area and we're left with great photos and memories of our time in this charming seaside town, the largest city in Cornwall with a population of 27,700 as compared to Cornwall's over 555,0000.

Overall the house has been comfortable having everything we've needed.  As mentioned in past posts, the only drawback has been the parking situation and the 25 uneven stone steps to reach the road.  But, we've certainly had the benefit of some extra exercise while here.

I'll always remember Falmouth for another was here that I finally became well after coronary bypass surgery when I stopped three medications.  I began the weaning process while in Ireland, completely stopping them while here in Falmouth.

Finally, after all this time, I can walk, climb steps and bend over for the first time in almost seven months.  This morning I dropped my phone and it ended up under the bed.  I was able to get on my hands and knees to retrieve it when only three weeks ago, this would have been impossible.  

No words can describe how pleased I am to feel better.  It's not perfect and it may take a full year before I am 100%.  But, in the interim, I am capable of enjoying our world travels with the enthusiasm we've come to know from the beginning on October 31, 2012.  Soon, we'll celebrate our seven-year world travel anniversary!

In only 63 days, we'll be in Minnesota to spend time with our family.  In the interim, we'll continue to revel in the wonders and fascinating scenery and history of Cornwall from three different perspectives and one in Wales.

We'll be back tomorrow with all new photos from today's road trip and arrival at our new home.

Be well.
Photo from one year ago today, September 6, 2018:
Two Ms. Bushbucks and the baby, waiting for the pellet delivery.  For more photos please click here.


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