Changing our criteria...Last full day in Falmouth...Tomorrow, "on the road again"...

Our holiday home is located in this colorful grouping of attached yet individual homes.  We captured this shot from across the harbor.
Fascinating Fact of the Day About Falmouth
"Falmouth was made the Royal Mail Packet Station in 1688. In 1805 the news of Britain’s victory and Admiral Nelson’s death at Trafalgar was landed here and taken to London by stagecoach."
Tomorrow morning at 9:45 am, Tom will load our bags into the car and we'll be on our way to our next location, entitled Mill Barn in Tredarrup, Treveighan, St. Teath, Bodmin (yes, all of these).
A red barge with a crane, seen from across the harbor.
The property is ground level and from what we can tell from the photos, has a master bedroom with ensuite bath on the main floor.  This will make moving in and out much easier than its been in Falmouth.

Don't get me wrong, we've loved this location but getting our three 23 kg (50 pounds) bags down from the second level of the house, following the walkway to the stairs and then hauling them up 25 steep and uneven stone steps is no easy task even for Tom who is quite strong.
Fishing ferry for rent.
I'm of little assistance since I must carefully navigate the steps to avoid a fall while still a little unsteady on my feet.  He won't even let me haul any of the carryon bags up the stairs.

Going forward, we've agreed to be more mindful of renting properties with relatively easy access.  We don't mind a flight of stairs leading to the bedroom.  Its good exercise especially when I tend to go up and down a dozen times each day.  
As we drove as far as we could along the oceanfront roads, it was easy to see how close properties are to one another.
But, a one-bathroom house with the bathroom upstairs is bothersome.  Going forward we'll strive to book properties with at least a ½ bath on the main floor if it's a two-story property.  Otherwise, one bathroom is fine.  

As for the parking situation here, or the lack thereof, we'll also investigate the availability of a designated parking spot, whether close to the property or nearby.
The blue sea and bright green neatly trimmed oceanfront property.
Otherwise, everything else here has been suitable for our needs.  However, we're grateful Tom isn't taller than his six feet.  If he'd been three inches taller, his head would have hit the kitchen ceiling.  

But, we understand the nature of oceanfront properties and the limitations that may arise when they are remodeled with the intent of using every available inch of space to enhance the potential rental income.
Many of the small towns in the area have banners flying to designated the main part of town where shops and restaurants are located.
We've enjoyed our time here and yet we're ready to move along.  How do we like staying in one location for only for two weeks?  These four properties in England will provide us with a clearer view of if we do in fact prefer shorter-term stays as opposed to our usual two or three months stay.

We've been living out of our suitcases except for a few items we each stored in drawers and cupboards.  Packing has been quick and easy.  We're both done packing except for the toiletries items we'll use in the morning, the non-perishable groceries, the digital equipment and a few odds and ends here and there. 
Entrance to a pretty park in the neighborhood with park benches.
There's no more packing required today.  We can sit back and relax reveling in a sunny day with marvelous views.  Since Tom landed a close parking spot we won't be heading out today to ensure we hang onto that spot, making loading the car easier in the morning.

Tomorrow morning, we'll prepare a post, uploading it prior to leaving.  On Saturday morning, we'll share photos of our next location.  We won't be posting "final expenses" until after the end of our stay at the fourth location, grouping all the English countryside properties into one grand total.

May your day be meaningful and stress-free.

Photo from one year ago today, September 5, 2018:
My friend Little lounging in the garden.  It's not easy lying down and getting comfortable when you have tusks.  For more, please click here.


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