The narrowest street in the world...Heavy rain keeping us in...Update...

See the description below of the narrowest official street in the world. (Not our photo).
Fascinating Fact of the Day about Devon, Cornwall:
"Devon has the narrowest road in the world (from this site):
Parliament Street in Exeter bears a plaque claiming it to be the narrowest street in the world. At its narrowest, it is about 0.64 metres (2 ft 1 in) at its widest it is 1.22 metres (4 ft 0 in). It used to be called Small Lane but was renamed Parliament Street to poke fun at the Government for passing the 1832 Reform Bill, funny eh? The German's claim they have the narrowest street in the world - but that's really just a gap between two houses. Parliament Street runs from High Street to Waterbeer Street. In 1836 the residents of Waterbeer Street paid to have the street widened. The council hasn't done that yet. Maybe after the new pool."  (See the main photo).

This morning before I started preparing the post, we tackled the pouring rain and made our way from the house to the car.  Needing a few items from the grocery store, it made sense to only drive to nearby Witheridge rather than head back to Tiverton, a 40-minute or more drive in the rain.

With it raining as hard as it has, added to the reality we were totally out of photos, we'd hoped to take more photos in Witheridge.  Doing so was tricky when both the camera and I got soaked even while wearing my rain parka.  It was not a good day for taking photos and attempting more sightseeing.
Sheep grazing near Pond Cottage.  This paddock is where the older rams reside to live out their lives.
Instead, we purchased the few items we needed and headed back to Pond Cottage to build a roaring fire and hunker down for the remainder of the day. In checking out the long-range weather report it appears it could be raining for the next 10 days.

We apologize for the lack of good photos for today's post but we did the best we could under the circumstances.  On Monday, if it's raining when we return to Tiverton to shop we'll visit a few museums in the area.  Rain or shine, museums are always a good option.

With our taxes done, our recent "paperwork" completed and a variety of supplies ordered that will be shipped to us from our mailing service we now have more free time to begin researching for our upcoming trip to India in a mere five months.  
When we didn't feel like driving in the pelting rain, we drove 10 minutes to this tiny market in the village of Witheridge.  They had everything we needed at reasonable prices.
All we've booked for India to date has been the exciting train trip on the Maharajas Express departing from Mumbai on February 2, 2020, ending in Delhi on February 8, 2020, and also the fabulous cruise embarking on April 3, 2020, from Mumbai, India and arriving on May 2, 2020, in Greenwich, England, a 29-night cruise. 

Now, we need to begin further research where we'll stay in India from February 8th to April 3rd, almost two full months.  We haven't decided yet if we'll rent a series of holiday homes or stay in hotels.  If you've visited India in the past few years and have any suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated!

Tom had suggested we wait to book anything further for India until we had a better idea as to how I'd be feeling.  Now, after being off the three awful medications and being able to walk for the past month, my strength is quickly returning.

St. John the Baptist church located in Witheridge.
It is no longer painful to walk and the breathing issue (aka dyspnea) I was experiencing has diminished each day. The wounds on my legs and the hematoma on my right thigh are almost completely healed and my sternum continues to be less and less painful when I move certain ways. 

Overall, I feel great and hopeful for plans for the future.  Barring any unforeseen setbacks, I'm good to go anywhere we'd like to go in the world. We'll continue to purchase global insurance which is available annually for long term travelers at a much better rate than we'd paid in the past.

Ultimately the international insurance we had all these years proved useless when they refused to pay my medical bills, claiming I had a pre-existing heart condition, which I did not have, nor was aware of.  
Row houses in the village.
We could commence a lawsuit against the insurance company but we've decided we don't want to make our lives all about a legal matter, constantly on the phone with lawyers.  

Life goes on.  And, we're grateful that "life goes on!"  We're grateful to have survived the trials of the past seven-plus months and feel free to return to our world journey with peace of mind and contentment.

May your day present you with peace of mind and contentment!
Photo from one year ago today, September 25, 2018:
The baby tried drinking from the river on her own while mom stood nearby to watch for predators.  Giraffes are vulnerable to predators in this position.  For more photos, please click here.


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