Feeling great....Last few photos of Torquay...Two days and counting..

A cute little restaurant, the Cottage Cafe.
Fascinating Fact of the Day about Torquay: 
From this site:
"Roman soldiers are known to have visited Torquay during the period when Britain was a part of the Roman Empire, leaving offerings at a curious rock formation in Kents Cavern, known as "The Face". No evidence has been found of Roman settlement in the town. The first major building in Torquay was Torre Abbey, a Premonstratensian monastery founded in 1196. Torquay remained a minor settlement until the Napoleonic wars when Torbay was used as a sheltered anchorage by the Channel Fleet, and relatives of officers often visited Torquay. The mild climate (for the UK) attracted many visitors who considered the town a convalescence retreat where they could recover from illness away from the cold and cloudy winters of more northerly or easterly locations. The population of Torquay grew rapidly from 838 in 1801, to 11,474 in 1851."

It was six weeks ago that I came off the three heart medications, each of which was causing terrible side effects.  The conditions for which they were prescribed are not issues I've experienced except during the first few weeks after surgery while I was hospitalized.

The exhaustion, the constant need for naps, the chronic pain in my muscles and joints preventing me from walking or performing simple tasks, the erratic pulse often too low, the atrial fibrillations, the bouts of high and low blood pressure, and the frightening breathlessness, all are gone.

My pulse is comfortably in the high 60's.  My blood pressure runs in the 115/70 range.  I can breathe easily and walk up and down several flights of stairs with no more difficulty than others without heart issues.  I am often sleeping through the night...a first for me.
The best shot I could get of this church when there was no nearby parking.
I've never really noticed any type of difference before and after the surgery.  Then, I was easily able to exert myself and now, there's no difference.  Keep in mind, I'd completed the stress test with seeming ease before the surgery without being out of breath.  

But it was an abnormal stress test readout that attributed to the plethora of tests and surgeries that followed.  Finally, it was the angiogram that provided the scary situation I am in.  I still have blockages but no angina (chest pain or otherwise).  We'll see what the future holds.

In the past month, I've stopped obsessing about how I am feeling at any given moment.  With all the side effects I had its no wonder I was in a state of worry and concern.  I no longer check my pulse 20 times a day, my blood pressure 10 times.  All is well.
There are numerous churches in Torquay of many denominations.
Each of the three drugs had their own unique set of side effects.  As I weaned off one drug after another, the changes in how I was feeling was palpable.  I'm so grateful.

Sure, you may say I should have gone to a doctor before stopping these drugs.  But, after considerable reading on reputable medical studies, all my side effects were normal.  Yikes!  Normal?

(Please do not take any of this information as advice or suggestions for your own health.  Please see your own physician if issues arise).
A clock tower.
Once we left South Africa in May, I left behind a relationship with a cardiologist.  I'd requested records from him and the surgeon but they weren't as comprehensive as they should have been to present to a new doctor.

Had I gone to a cardiologist in another country, most likely I would have been required to have more tests, some invasive and some with a degree of risk. I took my own life into my hands which, in itself wasn't without risk.

However, if I'd had any new symptoms as I weaned off the drugs, I would have immediately sought professional help.  Now, I can stick to the plan of having my first annual checkup in February which I plan to do.
We were surprised to see a casino in Torquay.
Now, as we look to the future we do so with innate optimism and passion for our continuing travels.  We realize the risks but after we've experienced what we been through this past year, we know we can figure out the best possible solutions.

In two days, we head out for the last of the four-holiday homes in the UK before we're off to Southampton for a few days in a hotel and then on to the cruise back to the US.  One month from today we'll be with our families!

Enjoy your day to the max!
Photo from one year ago today, October 9, 2018:
Traffic jam on the way to the river.  For more photos, please click here.


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