Busy days, busy nights...Life in the USA...

My cioppino (fish stew) at Stella's Fish House was delicious.
Our days and nights couldn't be busier consisting of one event after another. Today, my dear daughter-in-law Camille and I shopped at Cub Foods, Target and the dollar store in preparation for making a fabulous rocky road bar recipe (from my baking days, long past).

The goal was to make as many as we could with the ingredients we purchased for an upcoming bake sale event at the three grandchildren's charter school in Edina which we visited on Monday for a special Veteran's Day celebration.

Maisie, our granddaughter is on the school council and each of the council members planned to participate in the bake sale.  Maisie was excited Grandma was here to help bake something special for the event occurring on Thursday evening. I was "all-in" of course, never wanting to disappoint our precious grandchildren.

Camille and I shopped this morning and my eyes were like saucers at the abundance of "stuff" on sale in the three stores we visited, particularly Cub Foods, a massive supermarket, containing literally everything a person could dream of buying at a grocery store. I was on information overload.

It had been over two years since we've visited the US and as expected, walking into a spacious store of any type makes our heads spin in sheer delight over the vast options, more than we'd ever imagined.

Back at hers and Greg's homes, we hustled to get the bar's ingredients mixed together to get them into the oven before Tom planned to pick me up by 5:00 pm.

We told our kids and our thoughtful host not to worry about meals for us. We'd figure them out on our own. Plus, I didn't feel up to standing in the kitchen cooking big meals for hours since in any case, it's in my nature to help out.

But, busy all of these hours made me realize I still wasn't quite "up to snuff" and didn't possess the stamina and strength to perform lots of tasks to help anyone out with their day-to-day lives.

This was the first time in nine months I've had busy full days and I could easily feel the strain on my still recovering body. I'd overestimated what I was capable of doing and in my typical style I jumped in with both feet pushing myself as hard as I can with some consequence.

Going forward, I will take it a little easier, reducing what I expect of myself to a more manageable level. No one in our family is expecting me to push myself. It's all on me.

Tomorrow will be a little more low key. Tom and I will hang around at Karen's home during the day while we work on our visas, two-year passports, and logging receipts. In the afternoon, we'll head back to Camille and Greg's home so I can cut up the bars and arrange them in the pretty containers we purchased to use to sell the bars at the bake sale. 

Afterward, we'll take the three kids out to dinner at their favorite local restaurant, Bunny's, returning them home after dinner.

My sister Julie has flown back to Los Angeles. It was wonderful to see her and in the next month, I'll see my other sister Susan in Las Vegas, Nevada along with son Richard in Henderson. Busy times. Good times. Memorable times.

Back at you soon!

Photo from one year ago today, November 12, 2018:
The convoluted photo is difficult to decipher at first.  Note the one kudu attempting to eat the seeds in the birdfeeder which she eventually accomplished. For more photos, please click here.


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