A different lifestyle for the next seven weeks...We try it all!...

The compact living room has everything we need.
Well, folks, we've lived in a lot of houses throughout the world, but this experience here in Apache Junction will be totally different from anywhere we've lived in the past.

We will be living in an RV park in a permanently affixed house trailer that basically, although small, has everything we need. Sure, it's small, although much bigger than a ship's balcony cabin.
The kitchen is small but without a dishwasher and has minimal cooking supplies.
Subsequently, we will keep meals simple, using the outdoor grill for most of our meals.
Our longest cruise was for 33-nights when we circumvented Australia which began on Halloween, October 31, 2017. We had no problem with living in that small space, nor will we here.

Three of Tom's sisters and spouses; Mary Ellen and Eugene, Margie and Colleen and Gene live in this same 55+ complex of trailer homes and RVs, only a stone's throw from our unit. It appears that most afternoons around 4:00 or 5:00 pm, we'll all get together for happy hour drinks and snacks. 
Convenient table-for-two.
Most days, we usually dine around 6:30 or 7:00 pm but it makes sense if we now redo our thinking as to when we'll have our big meal of the day. Most likely, we'll start having our big meal midday and not worry about dining in the evenings.

This morning, we headed to Fry's Market, one of the largest supermarkets we've seen (not counting Costco or Sam's Club) and were surprised at its size. It had 59 rows. By the time I finished shopping, I'd put over 5000 steps on my fitness device.

We spent over $300 on groceries and managed to find ample space for all the items we purchased. The storage in this unit is excellent with more space than we've had in many holiday homes in the past.
This is the most comfortable bed we've had in our travels. It appears to be a memory foam bed.
The five-hour drive from Las Vegas to Apache Junction was uneventful. Tom has seen some improvement with his back injury and cough and he managed the long drive easily without asking me to drive. We chatted about our experiences in the US thus far and our plans for the future. The time went quickly.

Tonight there will be Christmas parade in the neighborhood. We'll all get together to watch the parade and to celebrate Mary and Eugene's daughter Laurie's birthday. She and her husband Craig will be arriving at 5:30 for the festivities.
The WiFi signal and flat-screen TV are good.
We're good. The time we spent with family, although tempered by both of us being sick with this dreadful cough, was precious and meaningful. Now, over these next weeks, we'll spend time with Tom's sisters. He's the youngest in the family and it's important we spend this time with all of them.

We'll make every effort to continue to take photos to share here as we continue to post during our remaining time in the USA!

Have a fantastic day and thanks for hanging in there with us!
Photo from one year ago today, December 10, 2018:
For the first time ever, this lizard approached the veranda, looking at us.  He didn't seem to like pellets so we tried to figure out what we could feed him. For more photos, please click here.


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