Social nirvana into the New Year...

We often encountered beautiful flowers when we walked the neighborhood in Pacific Harbor, Fiji on this date in 2015.
We knew that staying in Apache Junction would provide us with an opportunity to not only to spend enjoyable times with Tom's sisters and spouses, but also with other resort residents we'd meet along the way.

Yesterday afternoon at 3:00 pm was no exception. When Colleen and Mary were invited to an afternoon "happy hour" of course, they ensured we were included as well.
When we arrived at Sue and Ed's lovely park home, we were heartily welcomed. The group of eight of us engaged in lively conversation. As the afternoon wore on, word got out and four others showed up, all of whom we'd met at other parties over the past three weeks.

The 12 of us were a lively group and there was no shortage of chatter in the room. How they managed to squeeze enough chairs into the room to accommodate everyone baffled me. I guess groups this size must be a common occurrence with all the socializing.

When we'd brought up New Year's Eve to Tom's sibling none sounded enthused to going out to celebrate. Tom also hesitated to plan anything and yet, I'd have loved to go out to celebrate, especially if we could do so nearby.

There's a New Year's Eve party planned at the resort, but we'd heard the tickets were sold out. Ironically, last night a couple, Sue and Mike mentioned they were trying to sell their two tickets to the New Year's Eve party for which they paid $64. They preferred to attend another party at a nearby resort.

The husband, Mike, was open for negotiations on the price of the tickets. He agreed to $50 for the pair. I offered $40. After all, the party occurs in only two days. He agreed to $45. I stuck to my guns at $40 and eventually, he agreed, knowing it would be unlikely he could sell them at this late a date.

Hostess Sue (lots of Sue's here) suggested we sit with them and hang out with them at the party. We may know a few others in attendance, but this plan was most preferred.

This morning I baked blueberry muffins and just took a huge egg, sausage, mushroom and onion bake out of the oven to bring to Colleen and Gene's home for brunch for the six of us. We'll be watching the Minnesota Vikings game from Tom's laptop on their big-screen TV using our HDMI cord.

Tomorrow, we'll all celebrate Colleen's birthday at the local bar and the next night we'll attend the New Year's Eve party. It's quite fun being here. We're enjoying every moment.

Have a fantastic day, dear readers! Go Vikings!
Photo from one year ago today, December 29, 2018:
Tom took this photo of two hadeda birds on the roof of a neighboring property.  Click here to hear the sounds they make, which resulted in their name.  They are known as the loudest birds in South Africa. For more photos, please click here.


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