Great time with Staci from Texas...Paperwork and haircut for Tom...8 days and counting...

Staci and I by the entrance to the Red, White & Brew restaurant. The wine and food were excellent and the companionship was spectacular. Hopefully, we'll meet up somewhere in the future.
Yesterday, Tom decided to drop me off and picked me up after dinner with friend/reader Staci from Texas. She and I had been communicating back and forth over the years and it was such a delight to meet her face-to-face.

The packed restaurant (we arrived at 4:00 pm) had excellent food, wine, and service. Tom drove me to the restaurant and picked me up when I called later. As a result, I was able to enjoy some excellent red wine with Staci. 

The conversation was delightfully varied as we each reveled in the opportunity to talk to one another in person. Also, it was special to be able to share in some "girl talk" often missing from conversations when Tom and I are gabbing with other couples.

We feel so grateful for all the wonderful people we've met as a result of our daily posts. Meeting them in person is a bonus. Now, as we're about to carry on in our world travels, many readers are writing to us, wishing us well. 

We try to respond to each message, but if we failed to do so due to the volume of email messages, please bear with us. Please know that we read each and every message we receive and in most cases respond within 24 hours.

Once we leave Arizona next Wednesday, heading to India, we'll be traveling for almost two days to reach Mumbai (formerly Bombay). Then, on the train, a few days later, most likely WiFi will be sketchy. 

By February 8th, after the Maharajas Express (train) ends, our 55-day tour begins, again with unpredictable WiFi. Please bear with us if we're unable to post or reply to messages as we normally would.

However, we're hoping to be able to upload posts and photos which, based on information online, looks like a good possibility. We'll have to scurry to get it done when our days and nights will be so full. But, as always, we somehow find the time to stay in touch with all of you.

This morning we ventured out in the rain to OfficeMax to print, sign and scan a few documents to send back to the immigration attorney. Once completed, we found the closest Great Clips where Tom had hoped to get a haircut. 

The place was so packed, the wait would have been at least one hour. Neither of us cared to wait that long. Tom looked online for other facilities only to be told the wait would be one or two hours.

Instead, he decided to show up early tomorrow morning, hoping to be their first appointment. I'll stay behind and work on other projects which are many at this point with departure day looming.

Today will be low key. I'll run out for a few last-minute items. Tonight, we'll dine in. I have completed the transfer of my data to Tom's old laptop and all is working well.

In rearranging the items on the start menu and the desktop, I have been able to make Windows 10 work for me which I am using now as I prepare today's post. It feels good to be able to use a faster machine after dealing with my slow, fast-fading laptop. I have a lighted keyboard, touchscreen and one terabyte of storage and all the features work. 

We hope you have a meaningful and productive day and that all is well your way!
Photo from one year ago today, January 21, 2019:
On many occasions, we've seen several bush babies on the stand. For more photos, please click here.


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