Laundry and football day...

Saturnalia, a Sculptural group by Italian artist Ernesto Biondi at the botanical garden Buenos Aires in 2018. For more photos, please click here.
This morning while it was still dark, Tom bolted out of bed at 6:30, gathered up most of the laundry and headed to the laundry room. With many RV patrons here, most without laundry facilities in their units, lately we've had a hard time finding available washers and dryers.

I got up shortly after he left, stripped the bed and gathered more dirty items and between the two of us, we had it all done by 9:00 am. Upon returning, re-making the bed and putting everything away, we made breakfast of eggs, bacon, and sausages. 
With the Viking game not starting until 2:30 pm, we may not have dinner until close to 7:00 pm by the time we get back to our place from watching the game with Eugene at Colleen and Gene's house. 

It appears the sisters will be getting together with neighbors in Margie's home to play the popular Dominos game, Mexican Train. I'd prefer to watch the game with the boys since I am very interested in what transpires today.

Yesterday, I spent considerable time reorganizing my suitcase and the supplies bag including new items we'd recently purchased. I decided against shipping any warm clothing to be stored in our large mailbox at the mailing service. 

I'd purchased all the warm clothing I've been wearing at excellent prices at TJ Maxx (average $12.99 per item) and it's not worth incurring additional baggage fees when flying or bearing the cost of shipping the items back and forth. 

I can always purchase additional items along the way which won't be too difficult once we arrive in Europe in the spring. Also, it might be fun to purchase a few cotton items while in India.

Today, Tom was reading the suggestions made by the Maharajas Express train as to what clothing we'll need for the six-day journey. Apparently, the weather is very cool in the mornings and evenings this time of year and they suggest warm items for these periods.

It's hard to believe we'll be on our way to India in only 18 days. We still have a lot to do to be ready to leave. But, overall, my packing is almost complete barring the addition of some of the warm clothing I've been wearing lately and a few more items I need to purchase. The same goes for Tom.

We've been in the US for over two months. We've accomplished our objectives and spent quality time with family (and some of our friends), our primary objective in returning to the US. We may not return for another two years, hoping to stay in close touch with those we love while we're traveling.

Are we excited about heading out on the next leg of our journey? Of course, we are, very much so. And although there may be a little trepidation due to the events of the past year, we're emotionally and physically ready to continue on. 

Let's face it, regardless of how we live our lives there are always challenges. This nomadic life is no different and, although it may seem ideal to always be traveling with a sense of abandonment and freedom, there are always responsibilities, tasks and, unexpected events that may impede the quality of our experiences from time to time.

None the less, we are in awe of the world around us and perpetually grateful to be able to live this life, with its ups and downs, with its peculiar nuances, all combined with our passion and commitment to continue to live "outside the box."

Happy day to all!
Photo from two years ago on this date: (We hadn't posted one year ago today due to illness):

Cactus garden at a botanical garden in Buenos Aires. For more photos, please click here.


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