Medical concerns mount, worldwide and "at home"...

Elephants on the Crocodile River in Kruger National Park in 2013. 
Five years ago today, we continued to be wrapped up in the growing albatross chicks nesting in the yards of homes in the neighborhood. This was our favorite Laysan Albatross chick, named "Joy" who usually sat facing the wall.  She was practicing clacking when we stopped by the prior day, although we were at least 15 feet from her.  On this particular day, she wasn't facing the wall, as she often does, as did her parents.  For the post from that day five years ago today, please click here.

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My sister's situation has escalated over the past 24 hours. She now has no choice but to go into a rehabilitation center or even worse, a nursing home many of which are dealing with cases of COVID-19. 

She cannot care for herself sufficiently to return to her assisted living facility which only offers minimal care for its residents such as dispensing medication, health checks, meals, and cleaning. At this point, Susan is being prescribed "palliative care" which focuses on the improvement in the quality of life.

This cannot be accomplished while living in an assisted living facility. If the fears of the virus weren't prevalent at this time, this entire scenario would be much easier.
It's hard to believe that these fluffy balls will eventually grow into the beautiful pristine white and gray feathers of the adults.
I'm doing what I can from afar, but it's a difficult situation with several family members involved each trying their best for a good outcome which, at this point doesn't look promising.

It breaks my heart to think she could be permanently separated from her beloved Yorkie, Chase. This will be the hardest part for her. Little dogs are often allowed in assisted living facilities, but never in rehabilitation centers or nursing homes. In the next few days, we'll see how this all rolls out.

I have no doubt many of our readers have been faced with these types of situations. Both Tom and I experienced it with our aging parents, now passed away long ago. Overseeing even a part of their care is disheartening and sorrowful for all family members.
Could this chick be any cuter?
Currently, on India's national news there are considerable speculations on how India will go forward when the lockdown ends on April 14th. Numerous options are being presented some of which include the extension of the lockdown based on the fact there has been no reduction in the number of cases in the country of 1.3 billion people.

As of today, India has 5356 cases and 160 deaths based on this report which are considerably less than the US with 400,500 cases and 12,857 deaths. South Africa has 1749 cases and 13 deaths. These numbers will not be accurate since reporting is limited in some countries.

It appears we won't know what India will do for several more days but, even if the lockdown ends and the airport reopens, there isn't a country with its borders open we'd care to visit. Subsequently, we will stay here until there are possibilities that work for us. This could be months away. We are prepared for this eventuality.

A Brown Gecko is hanging out in this plant with sharp thorns, a safe hiding spot for sure.
The hotel routine continues, day after day. We go to breakfast between 8:00 and 9:00 am. While our room is being cleaned, we sit in the lobby with our laptops and then return to the room. 

I walk the corridors of the fourth floor once an hour until we go to dinner. During the daytime we each listen to podcasts, the news or stream shows on our respective laptops.

Back in our room after 7:00 pm dinner, together we watched two episodes of Showtime's TV series: Homeland, The Affair, Ray Donovan and then try to sleep. Usually, by 11:00 pm, we're drifting off to awaken the next morning to do it all over again.
This peculiar tree was growing in the neighborhood where the nesting albatrosses were located.
As much as we'd like to shake it up a little, there's really no real opportunity for change. Although many of you who are housebound have similar restrictive activities, you have the added concerns when venturing out to shop. We haven't left this hotel once in the 15 days since we arrived. 

We could potentially be saying the exact same thing in one, two or three months from now. We shall see. Tolerating this situation is a mindset which we hope to maintain for as long as we must stay ensconced in this (or another) hotel.

Here's a new tidbit of information we discovered: Close the lid of the toilet when you flush, at home or when out (avoid using a toilet when out). COVID-19 spores can spread through the air from toilet contents when flushing without the lids closed.

Stay safe.
Photo from one year ago today, April 8, 2019:
Little's Friend...His tusks are even tinier than Little's. For more photos, please click here.


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