Follow me on a walk via video...Favorite photos from our final day in South Africa..."Pig on the porch, pig in the pond, pig in the parlor."

Please join me in this video of my hourly walk in the corridors, in an attempt to stay fit during the lockdown. Partway through this video is a view from a window of the not-so-appealing surroundings.

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Today's photos are from May 11, 2019. Please click here for more details.

In normal times, I may have thought a video of me walking the halls wasn't worthy of posting on this site. But, now in times of Covid-19, everything has changed.
Little, tentatively climbing the steps to the veranda for a few pellets we gave him when we found him kneeling like this from the top step.
A few readers inquired how I'm getting any exercise and how it was possible when we can't leave the hotel to walk outdoors. With cardiovascular disease, it's imperative for me to get regular exercise. 
"Pig in the parlor." One year ago today, we left South Africa and posted more of our favorite photos. This was the second time Little came up the steps and into the house, while we were sitting on the sofa and didn't see him right away.  We howled.
In several posts, I've mentioned, I have been walking the corridors, once an hour, always keeping a watchful eye on the time. I start around 8:00 am and continue through 6:00 pm, resulting in 10 periods of walking. 
Little, "Pig in a Pond."
In the video, I mentioned that I walk two to three minutes, but after seeing the video lasted for almost five minutes with a few stops along the way, I timed myself this morning, and it's actually four minutes for the full route, resulting in 40 minutes of vigorous walking each day. That's good enough for me under these circumstances.
"Pig on the porch." His feet were muddy and he made a mess but we didn't care.  It was Little, coming to call.
Each time I go out for the walk, I must prepare. I put my shoes on, place a mask on my face, the key card in my pocket, and get my phone and earpieces set up to continue listening to various podcasts throughout the walk. Doing so makes those four minutes pass quickly.

Since I began the walks almost two months ago, my resting heart rate has gone down from 65 beats per minute to 54 beats per minute (BPM). This is a good indicator of improving heart health. 
He was tentative at first, as he wondered if this was acceptable.
Unfortunately, walking doesn't necessarily improve cardiovascular disease. If it did, I'd certainly up the ante. But, the problem was never with my heart itself. It was always about the arteries, a hereditary condition over which I have no control to change.
Once he realized he was welcome, he settled in for a long nap.
This morning, when we awoke, Tom asked me, "What are your plans today?" We both laughed out loud. In another day and time, I may have had a few interesting prospects on the horizon. Not now. 

Today will be like any other day, like all others during this time of Covid-19. Prepare this post. Stream a few shows. Eat a few meals. And, walk a few miles in the corridors. We couldn't help but laugh over today's year ago photos. Referring back to happier times makes all of this a "little" easier, no pun intended.
A few days after Little's first visit inside the house, he brought a friend to show him the goodies.  We aptly named his friend "Little's Friend" and he often visited on his own and eventually he, too responded to his name.
Thanks to my sons, daughter-in-law, and friends and readers for all the Mother's Day wishes. If ever, that means a lot to me, as it always does. This year it means all the more. 
Little brought us so many laughs and so much joy. When I spoke to him, he'd shake his head in acknowledgment, not unlike a dog or cat would do.  Pigs are described as being smarter than dogs. Why wouldn't they relate to us in the way our pets do?
Two months in lockdown have passed. We are facing at least four more months here, possibly six. We're holding up well, taking each new day as it comes. No, it's not easy now, nor will it be in the months to come. Our choices are simple... We can stay upbeat and cheerful or not. We choose upbeat and cheerful.

May all of you choose the same.
Photo from one year ago today, May 11, 2019:

Mutton Chops and Scar Face stopped by many times but we haven't seen them in months after Basket chased them and Tusker out of our garden.  Now Basket visits with his new girlfriend with whom he actually shares the pellets. Please click here for the link.


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