I gave up...

Rough seas on a ship while sailing through the Chilean Fjords in December 2017.
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Today's photos are from May 26, 2019, from Connemara, Ireland.  Please click here for more details.

Basically, I've had it. I am done listening to all the conspiracy theories in regard to Covid-19 now realizing I had glommed onto this pursuit as a feeble attempt to distract myself when a modicum of fear entered my psyche.

Being in lockdown in a hotel room sent me into a frenzy of looking for answers when the reality remained...Whatever I learned would serve a no bigger purpose. I gave up.

The patio at Tigh Mheaic.  We commented that we doubt diners would sit outdoors in such cool weather even when the weather warms up by a few degrees during the slightly warmer summer months. 
That's not to say I've stopped listening to podcasts and news on TV with medical updates, in each case, having to decipher what is fact and what is speculation, not always easy to do, especially when the medical professionals are all over the place in their perspectives.

Also, I prefer to stay well enough informed to have a handle on when we may be able to get out of here. Each day I checked the news for any potential changes on which countries may be opening their borders in the next few months.

Tom kept referring to my information gathering as an obsession. When he'd mention this, I'd become defensive and dismiss his observation saying I was merely seeking knowledge. But, perhaps to some degree he was right. 
Note the vines growing on the outside of their building.  Quite impressive.
That's hard for a person like me to admit, as one who strives for balance in life in every possible way. And, what inspired me to "give it up?"

The answers are very simple such as; Conflicting opinions; The politicizing of every aspect of the pandemic; The lack of good science backing medical opinions and suggestions; The intent of Big Pharma to turn Covid-19 into billions of dollars in their coffers charging the public outrageous prices for upcoming drugs and vaccines that may or may not work; The ridiculousness of Walmart and Costco staying open and yet the "mom and pop" stores remaining closed to eventually be forced out of business. All of this and more. 

Until such time as there is definitive, reliable, truthful science-based information, I am done, done, done. Who are these people who claim to know so much when no one had had any previous experience with this type of bug, the differential being: symptom-free carriers passing on the virus, even when they speak, let alone cough or sneeze?

Hummm...we've seen this sign at locations throughout the world.
This one fact alone is what I believe attributed to the lockdown. If symptom-free people can pass this on the virus, only lockdown would be beneficial in putting an end to its continuation. But, even this premise is not definitive. 

At this point, my focus is on legitimate science, when the borders will open, allowing us to leave India and how in the interim and in the future we will keep ourselves safe.

The design and decor of the bar depict exactly what one would envision for a small-town pub in Ireland.
Good grief. I have a raging toothache which most surely is an abscess that needs an in-person dental appointment which is entirely impossible at this time. All dental offices in Mumbai are closed. Besides, who'd dare risk going to a dentist if they were available? Gross.

Oh, dear, listen to me carry on. But, each in our own way has multitudes of worries and concerns during this pandemic, many with much bigger concerns than us. 

Eventually, we moved into the dining room.
Duh, feeding their families. Earning a living. Having a job when this is over. Living without a loved one who has passed from this devastation. Bearing lifelong physical disabilities as a result of having had and survived the virus. 

What about those currently in ICU on a ventilator, alone with no loved ones at their side, fearful each time they awaken from their induced coma if they will survive. The challenges facing medical professionals, from doctors to maintenance, who are risking their own lives each and every day.
We don't care for taxidermy in general due to our love of animals. But, this reminded us of the antelope heads at Jabula Lodge, our favorite restaurant in Marloth Park.
However, as we all know, "everything is relative," so well described here:
"The saying “Everything is relative” means that the way in which YOU (yes you, me, and everyone else) perceive the world is by way of an “Individual Experience” and the only way for each of us to comprehend or make sense of that “Individual Experience” is by comparing one thing to another."

As much as most of us feel compassion for others, we all stay stuck in our own situation and rarely does the greater suffering of others place us in a better state of mind. or let alone, put a smile on our faces.

We assumed there would be entertainment on this small stage but none started while we were there. A handcrafted sailboat replica occupies the space between stage performances.
No, I am not "down in the dumps." I am attempting to allow reality to maintain a hold on me knowing we, (none of us), will be in this situation forever. And, whenever we can leave we will do so with the utmost of caution, enthusiasm, and hope for times to come.

Thank you to many of our readers who have graciously offered us kindness and support which we extend to every one of you and, all the citizens of the world that in time, "this too shall pass."
Photo from one year ago today, May 26, 2019:

On the way to the pub, we stopped for a photo of a pheasant. For more photos, please click here.


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