A question posed by our readers...What will we do first when we move on?...

During an uncommonly heavy rainstorm in Sumbersari, Bali, I went out to the freezer in the garage to get some ice. I saw this long black thing, referred to as an omangomang in Balinese, moving along the garage floor. I called out to Tom to come to see it. He grabbed the camera and came running. Creepy. Was that an eye looking out at us? 
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Today's photos are from June 15, 2016, while in Sumbersari, Bali, Indonesia. See the link here for more details.

Many of our readers who are also on lockdown in many parts of the world posed an inquiry, "What will be the first things you'll want to do once you arrive in another country, once free of a lockdown?"
A perfect sunny day at low tide.
It is possible once we leave Mumbai we'll end up in quarantine for our first two weeks. This may be a self-quarantine in a holiday home or, in a government-approved hotel. It will be disappointing to be required to spend the first 14 or 21 days of a 60 or 90-day visa in quarantine. But, we may have no choice.

Will this requirement deter us from visiting a certain country? No, not if it's a location we feel confident we'll enjoy once the quarantine has ended. It's purely a by-product of the times of coronavirus.
Suddenly, legs came out of the long black shell and the crustacean began dragging itself along the garage floor. 
In actuality, it would concern us if a country had no safety requirements for incoming international travelers. We're totally fine with continuing social distancing, wearing face masks, and frequent hand-washing which we, along with the rest of the world, as a necessary requirement for years to come.

However, the question as to what we'll want, what we'll do and how will we live in the future as other world travelers may do as well, in part, subject to a see-how-it-goes scenario. 
An ocean view while the van was moving through traffic.
After we've done so well living in this small single hotel room, will we be less inclined to rent smaller holiday rentals going forward? Over the years, we've stayed in a few properties described as "studios" for short periods to full-sized four or five-bedroom houses/villas.

Going forward, I am anticipating we'll prefer to book a full-sized freestanding house. Having space is particularly appealing at this time, more than ever in the past.
On the left, a restaurant and on the right, a data (SIM) card store.
A pleasant view is a must. The view out of the windows of our hotel room and the corridors consist of rundown abandoned building sites, apartments, and office buildings. We don't plan to book property of any type in a crowded downtown area in any country.

Although, as mentioned above, some countries may require international visitors to stay in government-approved hotels in downtown areas, at their own expense, during a mandatory period of quarantine. This fact won't deter us from visiting such a country, but we'll be anxious to have the quarantine period end, allowing us to move to a holiday home in outlying areas.
Motorbike drivers stop at the beaches along the highway for a lunch break or to purchase products from roadside stands.
Necessity and desire for me will be a good place to walk even if it's limited to the grounds of the property in the event lockdown status prohibits outdoor exercise. Based on what we've been reading thus far, few countries prohibit outdoor exercise, unlike here in India where it is strictly prohibited at this time.

As you've read here numerous times, shopping for groceries and supplies is high on our list of anticipated activities. Tom and I often discuss what we'd like to eat for dinner that first night, or in weeks to come. Tom is particularly excited about eating beef again, which for me was not much of a sacrifice.
A few stretches of the highway can be less busy in the nearby town of Nagara.
That's not to say, a big juicy steak wouldn't be appealing during that first week. Although Tom has no problem eating chicken regularly, he prefers beef and pork for most meals. Often I make pork or beef for him while I have chicken or fish. 

As time goes by, I have less and less interest in eating pork with my passion for warthogs and pigs of all types. With my restrictive diet I'd never be able to be a vegetarian, nor would I want to give up all animal protein. As we age, animal protein may be a great source of strength, muscle retention, and healing. 
Commercial building along the highway.
The feel of a breeze on our faces, the sounds of birds singing, the rustling of leaves on trees, the views of a sunrise or sunset, the smells and sounds of the ocean, a countryside scene, savoring the magnificence of wildlife and above all, the joy of companionship and lively chatter with other humans sounds good to us.

Freedom. It's all about freedom, which for us has been the foundation of our desire to travel the world. For now, it has been stripped away, as it has been for people from all over the world. In the future will we experience that powerful sense of freedom, we so much relished in the past? Only time will tell.

The more each of us commits to aiding in the reduction of the spread of Covid-19, the sooner our freedom will be restored to enjoy our beautiful planet and all the treasures it has to offer.
Photo from one year ago today, June 15, 2019:
It was thrilling to see white sandy beaches with little to no debris in Connemara, Ireland. For more photos, please click here.


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