Day #105 in lockdown Mumbai, India hotel...A memorable time spent in Hanoi, four years ago...

This clawfoot tub is just what I needed for soaking. The master bath is huge with double sinks, a private water closet, and a glass-enclosed shower.  Every possible lotion, potion, and amenity is provided.
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Today's photos are from July 6, 2016, while in Hanoi, Vietnam. See the link here for more details.

Each time we discuss our experiences in Hanoi, Vietnam, we can't wipe the smile off our faces. It was a spectacular five days and nights and remains a memorable aspect of our time in Southeast Asia in 2016 and in our world travels.
The king-sized bed in the upgraded Club Metropole is unbelievably comfortable with superb bedding. We both slept well.
While in Southeast Asia, we visited Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Earlier, on a cruise, we visited Singapore (and as mentioned in the July 3rd post here) and Malaysia. We thoroughly love that part of the world, mainly due to its exceptional historical and cultural treasures, many of which we were able to explore during our time in those countries.

But, Hanoi, was special unto itself. With the over 5 million motorbikes congesting the roadways, the intoxicating smells of delicious fried food, the eye-catching flower displays and designer shops (many with knockoffs), the aggressive street vendors and the pleasant demeanor of its locals, the city had a unique appeal unlike any other we'd seen.
The desk quickly became cluttered with our digital equipment.
We walked for hours, rode in tuk-tuks and bicycle rickshaws, and spent endless hours, dining in high-end restaurants as part of the beginning of our Viking Mekong River cruise which included seven days on the river and another seven days touring the many cities along the way.

We arrived in Hanoi three days prior to the actual cruise tour began, deciding to stay in the same hotel included in our cruise/tour package. This resulted in our paying for three nights for the upgraded room we selected over and above the cost of the cruise.
It was good to confirm our travel scale is accurate with this included scale. The towels were thick and fluffy, unlike any we've had in a long time.
Choosing the upgrade was a no-brainer when so much was included in the additional total of INR 8952, US $120 per night. Since the final two nights of five nights were included in the cruise fare, we only had to pay for the upgrade for three nights and were able to stay in the same room for the entire stay.

Today's photos brought back memories of the wonderful experiences we had in the hotel and in the fantastic city of Hanoi, before and after we joined the tour group on day four of five.
Not only were these two his and her robes included, but there were two additional silk robes in the closet.
We posted a description of the five-star hotel on our post of July 6, 2016, as follows:

"Step back into history at Hanoï's most storied 5-star hotel. A Grand Dame of Southeast Asia Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoï welcomes guests to experience her colonial grandeur and timeless elegance.  Located steps from the Opera House in Hanoï's French Quarter this legendary property brings guests into intimate contact with the opulence of another era.

Surround yourself in heritage as you stroll stately corridors and explore a dramatic past. Behind its classical white façade green shutters, original wrought iron details and stately wood paneling reside over a century of stories. Stand on the walkways that grace its lush courtyard lawn and immerse yourself in the hotel's rich traditions."

Tea and coffee service in the room, a nice touch.
If you ever have an opportunity to travel to Hanoi, we highly recommend the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi, as one of the finest and most historical hotels in which we've stayed in our world travels. It's a little pricey with the upgrade, but a worthwhile experience for its luxury and benefits.

This morning while preparing this post I asked Tom, "Would you ever be willing to return to Vietnam?" He answered an emphatic, "Yes!" to which I enthusiastically agreed. Who knows what the future holds?
The TV had premium movie channels and a number of English speaking channels including our favorite National Geographic. But, we spent little time in the room, instead enjoying the Club Lounges.
And that very question remains in our minds each and every day, "Who knows what the future holds?"

Staying safe, active, and patient are the common denominators to determine what our future holds down the road. Yes, we may have to stay holed out here for many months to come and we both agree, we can do this, especially with the hope that in time, we'll be able to continue on.
One of several lounge areas in the upgraded area.
May your future promise travel and adventure when this challenging time in history passes, hopefully sometime in the near future. Stay well.
Photo from one year ago today, July 6, 2019:
Two female lions spotted in Marloth Park! (Not our photo). Today, in 2020, there are still lions and cubs wandering about in the park as well as wild dogs. For more, please click here.


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