"Small Things," all new...A world of miniature vegetation and willife...All creatures today...Small things in life...

How perfect can nature be to create this symmetrical creature we captured on the sliding glass door at night?
It's the small things in life that may be among our most dreaded experiences; an unkind word, a lump found on our body, an email with bad news, a wasp sting, a lost piece of jewelry or at times or hearing the simple word "no."

Impossible to shield ourselves from these seemingly "small" scenarios, most of us live with the intent of accepting these possibilities, not allowing them to immobilize us, keeping us from the joy of living. 

And yes, the "big things" loom heavily in our hearts at times in our lives; a life threatening illness or injury, the loss of a loved one, a divorce or separation, the loss of a job or financial stability and more.

A butterfly catches my eye on the long walk down the driveway.

A recent first sighting of a baby tree frog.  Could this be a result of an earlier foam nest over the  pool.  He's sitting on the end of the hose that we use each day to add more water to the pool which has a leak.

 Second showing of this photo for those who may have missed it, when we had dozens of grasshoppers hanging out in our driveway for almost a day.  They were munching on a piece of cabbage we'd left out.
It's amazing that any of us can function at all with these possibilities facing us at any given moment.  But, we do.  Some of us with aplomb and a passion for living with nary a care in the world and others with a chronic sense of doom, stripping their lives of meaning and fulfillment.

Then, there's the rest of us in the middle, gauging when worry and fear are necessary to inspire us to be cautious or occasionally being fearful when a situation is thrown in our faces.

For most of us at times "small things" monopolize our thoughts, more than the possibility of big catastrophes.  Awakening in the middle of night for no reason at all, my mind wanders to a list I keep in my head of possible small worrisome things, ticking them off one by one.
This centipede has small insects living on it.  Double the freakiness.
We discovered this colorful insect in the grass when we toured the Panorama Route a few weeks ago.
We found this bug inside the house.  We opened a window sending her on her way.
"Is there a snake on the floor if I get up to go to the bathroom?  Will the lightening hit the thatched roof while we fumble for the keys, left on the nightstand next to Tom in order to unlock the gates on every window and door to allow us to get outside?  Did I forget to close the drain in the bathroom sink to prevent centipedes from coming in? When will I feel like doing the taxes for 2013?"

It goes on and on.  But, somehow I fall back to sleep awakening in the morning, full of energy, enthusiasm and gratefulness for the opportunity to live yet another day. Bolting out of bed, I begin the familiar routine of preparing myself for the day all the while filled with a sense of lightness and anticipation.  What pleasure and purpose will this new day bring?

The "one day at a time" philosophy adopted by many recovery groups easily applies to all of us, in recovery or not.  In reality, we're all "recovering" from something; a bad childhood, marriage or relationship, the death of a loved one, the loss of a dream or... the personal goals of letting go of anything that isn't good for our bodies and souls. 
We discovered this insect on the veranda which was approximately 4 inches, 10 cm, long.

We've seen many varieties of geckos including this wider version. We ignore them when they're inside the house.  They leave white poop droplets everywhere.
Living one day at a time gives us peace and comfort, leaving behind our failings and mistakes from the past, while embracing the possibility that tomorrow will be a better day.

Again today, we share more "small things."  Not insignificant. Not meaningless.  It's all a part of the life cycle that we share with endless generations of evolution, God (or whatever higher power you may believe or, not) and, Mother Nature.

"Small things," whether in our environment or in our thoughts, are all a part of who we are, our purpose and ultimately, who we choose to become at the end of the day. 
One morning, I discovered this live bat in the kitchen sink, perhaps injured.  Tom scooped it up in the dustpan and let it outside. Bats no longer make me cringe.  They eat mosquitoes.


Kathryn Begnaud said...

Beautiful prose today. Good food for thought.

Jessica said...

Kathy, thank you for saying so. Often, I am only rattling off the details of our day in simple, hopefully clear and concise verbiage. On occasion, I feel the desire to express my thoughts "from the heart." It is during those times, that the daily ramblings hold the most significance for me.

Thank you for sharing our journey with us. It's always a comfort knowing that old friends are here with us.

Warmest regards,
Jess & Tom

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