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Louise suggested we put out some yogurt at night for the nocturnal bush babies. We placed a small bowl in a hanging wood bird house close to a tree. Unfortunately, we were distracted yesterday morning and forgot to remove the little plastic bowl of yogurt.  Going inside to get beverages, we returned to find these Vervet Monkeys with the little bowl in hand, lapping up the yogurt.  Tom scared them off (they're can be destructive) and they dropped the bowl, running off.
Never much of a football fan myself and Tom being a die hard Minnesota Vikings fan with no interest in other teams, other than the unlikely prospect of the Vikings beating a team in a game., missing another Super Bowl didn't have much effect on us.
It's tricky taking photos of Vervet Monkeys.  They never sit still for a second. After Tom chased them the veranda, the hung around the braai area without a concern.
However, we did discuss the time difference as to when the game would begin (it was 1:30 am this morning here in South Africa) and, we wondered who won until Tom discovered the winner by opening Facebook first thing this morning and seeing the score this morning in an email from his brother Jerome.
This Vervet Monkey was trying to figure out how to lap up a few drops of the yogurt on the stones that the other had spilled carrying the bowl.
Although, we did think of our friends and family gathering together for the game, as we had done at times in the past with me making a football shaped and decorated cake, along with a smaller football shaped cheese ball with all the other nasty snacks we used to enjoy.  How times have changed for us!
The moms are exceedingly protective of their babies making it difficult to get close enough
for a clearer shot.
Nostalgic?  Perhaps, a bit, mostly over missing the "people" not the game or the food.  But, this morning, when we threw open the entire glass wall of doors to the veranda at Khaya Umdani, we knew we were "home."  You know, "the place where the heart is." 

And that place is the "home" that Tom and I had made for ourselves wherever we may be at any given moment.  Isn't that what "home" is, the place you gravitate back to at the end of the day or after an outing to find the familiar comforts that embrace you the moment that you walk in the door?

For now, it is luxurious Khaya Umdani.  In a few days, it will be back at Hornbill, the smaller house, where perhaps our warthog families are awaiting us, standing in the driveway at full attention with ears flicking back and forth when I speak in my high pitched voice in greeting.  Even here, only four short days later, several moms already respond when I say, "Good morning, Ms. Warthog. Good morning baby warthogs."
An outdoor adventure can be had in the Safari room on the second level of Khaya Umdani.
As for the rates on Khaya Umdani,* which we'd mentioned yesterday, that we'd post today, here they are:
December/January (per night)
  (01 Dec '14 - 31 Jan '15)
---ZAR 5000  US $469.58  EU$344.14
All other periods---ZAR  4000    US $376.66    EU $275.31
*Rates are subject to change and may vary based on size of group. Imagine how reasonable this would be for two families sharing this fabulous house as compared to each family tightly packed into two small rooms in a resort room? 

The Safari room is completely screened for an open air experience, enjoyed by young and old alike.  The sounds of the night are enchanting in this "sleeping outdoors" experience.
Restaurant prices are usually no more than US $25, ZAR $266.20 per couple, including cocktails, at the finest of establishments in the area.  Groceries are usually 40% less than we've seen in other large cities.  The most tender delicious filet mignon is usually no more than US $3.91, ZAR $41.67 per serving. 
Can you imagine how exciting this room would be for kids, especially, preteens and teenagers?
Although airfare from some countries is high and the time to travel is long, the experience is priceless; friendly people, wildlife in the yard, Kruger National Park a short distance for some of the most amazing safari experiences in the world and the unreal experience of the Bush Braai and Game Drive, hosted by Louise and Danie, an experience we'll always treasure.

Yes, the posts of the past few days may have been a huge ad for this house and this area.  And yes, we share these details on behalf of our wonderful hosts, Louise and Danie.  But, folks, we're experiencing the most unbelievable adventure of our lives.  For nature lovers, nothing compares. 
The moms often look at me intently when I talk in my high pitched voice.  They're asking for pellets.  I comply.  No longer will I toss pellets near this small fence after yesterday's incident when the baby crawled inside the fence and the mom went after it, almost knocking it over.  Tom scared them off before the fence broke.  (See yesterday's post with photo).
When we'll be in Hawaii beginning in eight months, we'll spend most of our days whale watching and hopefully, we'll swim with the dolphins. Maybe, sometime in the future, we'll watch for moose in Alaska, crocodiles and anacondas on the Amazon River or tigers in India.  With continued good health, we hope to continue on and on.
Impalas, in this case a male with the antlers, are rather shy.  Their gentle nature and gracefulness make them a joy to watch, especially when they leap through the air.
But, being here, living in Africa and now in Marloth Park, which is at times hard and challenging, has been the best experience of our lives, one that has changed us forever and that we will carry into our hearts wherever we may be.

We often hear "people" ask, that on one's deathbed, what will they wish they had done differently?  The answer will never be, "I wished I had worked harder," nor "I wish I'd had more "stuff."  It will always be about "love" and "experience" of which, if it were all to end now, we can emphatically state, "We've had it all."

For this, we are humbled.  For this, we are grateful.  We carry on...


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