The rough waters continue...We keep having fun! A year ago, more photos of the Indian Ocean...

Please click this video for the swimming pool's reaction to rough seas on the Pacific Ocean.
In two and a half days, we’ll be in the Hawaiian Islands hopefully in calmer seas.  The rough seas have continued for four days although much less so than on the second day which was very unpleasant for most people on board (except Tom).

The rolling seas seem to effect me more than the slamming waves on the Norwegian Epic 18 months ago when I was never effected (nor was Tom).  On this cruise, I spent only a few hours on the second day laying in bed in our cabin, napping off and on went the storm was at its worst.
During a ship sponsored party for Captain's Club members for passengers who'd experienced multiple Celebrity cruises.  Free drinks and appetizers were served.
We haven’t missed a beat other than during that one afternoon. We’ve been to two parties, done three Pub Poker Crawls, one Slot Pull lasting a few hour of outrageous laughing and fun, attended one late night comedy show, attending four friendly shared table dinners in the main dining room, attended one interesting class on the history of volcanoes in Hawaii, had breakfast in the buffet each morning.

Most of all we’ve met dozens of amazing people of all ages and have had a variety of enjoyable and meaningful conversations.  No grass grows under these feet, rolling seas or not.

We laugh, we giggle, we cajole one another, never failing to enjoy and appreciate one another, knowing that in no time at all, it will be just the two of us once again and we’ll be each other’s main source of entertainment barring any good fortune we may have a making new friends while n Hawaii.

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Twenty eight of us participated in the Slot Pull in this Cruise Critic event. We each contributed US $15 and received 15 pulls after which the winnings or remaining money was paid out.  We each lost US $6 but had so much fun it was well worth it over the two hour event.
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We apologize for our inability to post many photos using the ship’s WiFi.  It just won’t allow the upload of more than two or three photos at a time.  However, cruising in the open ocean is not particularly a great environment for photo taking.  It took a few hours of WiFi time to post the rough seas video on Thursday. 
The waves were rolling and the wind was blowing but, a few of us ventured outdoors to see the first sunlight in days.
Its hard to believe that with modern technology, cruise ships don’t improve the quality of their signal.  It all boils down to their unwillingness to spend the money to make it more efficient and based on demand by their clientele. 

We doubt that most senior passengers on cruises have a huge need for WiFi other than for email and Facebook entries whereas, we are data hogs when posting with photos each day. We've met some equally frustrated business owners/managers/professionals in the senior age range that are unable to conduct business as needed.

We’ve had three time changes since we boarded this ship.  So far, so good.  We’ve been sleeping enough and sleeping soundly through all the noise in the cabin from the rolling seas.

So far we've attended two classes on Hawaii, during which time I've taken notes on my laptop of which we’ll share as we build our stories about Hawaii's over the next eight months.  Hawaii has a fascinating history that hopefully with peak the interest of our readers when we’re able to add photos to supplement the stories.

Never a day passes that we don’t think of our readers and how we can add photos and information appealing to the senses in one way or another.

Have a lovely weekend.  Waves or no waves, we plan to do so.

Photo from one year ago today, September 27, 2013:  

A year ago in Diani Beach, Kenya, we visited this resort/restaurant for lunch on the Indian Ocean.  For details of that date, please click here.


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