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Last night as we exited the bedroom to make our cheese plate, we spotted this huge Nursery Web Spider.  Although their bite may be painful apparently its not life threatening. Tom was able to scoot it outside with the broom.  No screaming.  Just photos.

"Sightings on the Beach in Bali"
Tom's video taken yesterday at high tide.  Its hard to believe how close the
water comes to the villa.
Lounging in the comfy chaises facing the ocean watching the activity on the beach is rather entertaining. Who knew there would be so much to see? 

We have dozens of photos backed up for future "Sightings on the Beach in Bali," the heading we've been posting since three days after arriving in Bali.  One might say, "Don't they have anything better to do?" 

There's not a whole lot more we need to do to entertain ourselves when several times a day our mouths are agape in awe of a new sighting unlike others we've observed on beaches in the past.  Then again, maybe we didn't pay as much attention as we do now.

Elaborate temple near the beach.
Our first beachfront location was in Belize (in Central America, formerly known as British Honduras) beginning in February, 2013 when we spent over two months at the Laru Beya Beach Resort in Placencia, a peninsula village which required yet another harrowing four hour drive from the capital city of Belize City.

There, we spent most of our days outdoors as we do now.  By 7 am each morning, sometimes earlier, we're situated in the chaise lounges facing the beach while I begin to sort through photos for the day's post while Tom starts his day checking through Facebook and his email.

A mosque in the village.
Rarely, do I ever respond to email or engage in "pleasure browsing" until after I've completed the day's post.  Its so easy to get sidetracked.  Instead, I focus on the post most often able to have it uploaded by 11 am.  Then, for the next hour I read and reply to dozens of email messages from readers, friends and family.

By noon, having stayed under cover in the shade all morning, we're both ready to tackle an hour working out in the pool. After the pool we each spend no more than 20 minutes in the sun.  Oddly, with this short period of sunning each day, we're both as tan as we've ever been. 

South of the equator by eight degrees the sun is a scorcher in Bali.  We prefer not to use sunscreen based its awful chemical structure instead staying in full shade for the remainder of the day.  We get a huge dose of Vitamin D in those paltry 20 minutes, a nice bit of a tan with the pleasure of being outdoors most of the day.

Entrance to Bali's largest water park.
After drying off its time to get some work done, most recently booking flights and preparing applications for the four visas we'll need over the next few months.  We're almost done with this tedious work but with yesterday's poor wifi signal we're left to complete the online Cambodia visa today.

By 3 or 4 pm, we head in to shower and dress for dinner as skimpily as possible, again wearing swimsuits.  Tom always wears a tee shirt while dining which I've always considered thoughtful.  Why is that?

Entrance to unknown compound.
The two swimsuits I've been wearing are fast losing their elasticity although ideal when no one but the staff is around.  Tom pulls up the back of my suit several times a day while I do my share of tugging and rearranging.  I only have two relatively unused swimsuits left which I'm saving for upcoming cruises. 

I may have to order a few more swimsuits when these two soon become threadbare.  I'd prefer not to have to purchase swimsuits online without trying them on but that's necessary in this life. Sometime over the next four our five months, we'll order a new shipment for which we're now making the list which will include swimsuits and a few other clothing items we'll need by that time.

Lifeboat used for training exercises in Negara.
Tom has five swim trunks he alternates which are holding up fairly well.  Since guys don't have much elasticity in their suits they seem to last longer.  He'll also need to replace a few pairs of swim trunks by the end of our second stay in Bali beginning in September. 

Unless we're on an outing or a walk, we don't wear street clothes or shoes.  In Bali, shoes aren't worn inside the house, a tradition we've always favored in our old lives. 

With only one load of laundry each week we only need to hand wash the swimsuits using laundry soap which, when purchased in Bali, comes in a stiff plastic bag to avoid the use of more plastic.  The bag is a bit tricky to handle but the concept makes its worth the effort.  Few grocery items in Bali are contained in typical plastic containers.

The owner's residence next door also used as a vacation property which is similar to our villa but has three bedrooms as opposed to our four bedrooms and has a smaller pool. 
After we've finished dinner by 6 pm, discussed and planned the next day's meal with the two Kataks, we give them money in Indonesian rupiah for the necessary groceries, we head to our bedroom, turn on the AC and blissfully relax in cool comfort.  By 7 pm, we're ready to watch a few downloaded shows or a movie. 

By 10 pm, I'm drifting off while Tom's busy checking the NYSE (stock market) which opens at 9:30 pm here and closes at 4 am, Tuesday through Saturday.  I'm easily able to sleep while he's busy clicking on his computer usually until 11 or midnight.

Restaurant on the beach.
Its a simple existence, albeit the tasks we must accomplish in the process for future travels. While anticipating non-stop action for the upcoming two months when we leave here in three weeks, we're quite content to lounge now.

Today, the staff is off.  We have most of tonight's dinner prepared and ready to be reheated.  Other than the salad I've yet to toss with homemade dressing, there's little food prep.  Tom keeps our mugs filled with iced tea and we both keep our hearts filled with the joys of the moment and the joys that are yet to come.

May you find joy in a simple day!

Photo from one year ago today, June 5, 2015:

Tom, at the miniature golf course on the ship.  He won, much to my dismay.  For photos of Bora Bora, please click here.


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