Day 31...Circumventing the Australian continent...Seminar #2 this morning at 10:15...Devices we use...Logistics of world travel...

The ship has been decorated for Christmas and looks beautiful.
"Sighting on the Ship in Australia"

Another piece of art from the ship's gallery.

Today, as we prepared the final details of our upcoming seminar, we thought it made sense to post the photos of the digital equipment we'll be discussing during the presentation.
RFID (Radio Frequency ID) wallets which can't be scanned with illegal devices in an attempt to steal identity.

RFID passport holder.
As a result, today's post will include little verbiage and more photos.  By doing so, it will be convenient and expedient for Tom to bring up the photos as we describe each item.
Universal adapters.  Without these, we've have serious electrical issues.
Tomorrow, we'll share details about the agenda covering the logistics of world travel with less emphasis on where we've been and what we've seen.  Also, we'll include the response from our audience as to these topics which some may find less interesting than details of our travels.
Portable hot spot devices for various countries.  In many countries we haven't needed to use these.  In others, they were our only means of Wi-Fi.  The two black devices top center may be used in many countries but often don't work as well as each country's own device.

However, its all a part of the experience for those who choose to experience traveling over the long haul.  Its not always as romantic and exciting as it may to be.
Flash drive, a must for the savvy traveler.

Our unlocked SIM card (mini or full size SIMs work) smart phones.
Our cruise is quickly winding down with only three days until we disembark the ship to make our way to the airport for our upcoming three month visit to Tasmania.
Collapsible camera tripod.

Portable canner.
We'll be back tomorrow with more.  Please check back then!

Photo from one year ago today, November 30, 2015:
This is a popular snorkeling area in Savusavu, Fiji with considerable coral reefs.  For more photos, please click here.


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