Day 14... Cruise to South America... Part 3... Visit to Pisco, Peru... A colorful, interesting culture, shown in our photos

A liquor store.
 "Sightings from the Veranda while Cruising"
We had no idea what was going on at this building in Arica, Chile.  Any comments?
Today's post will be of minimal interest to most of our readers since we are totally preoccupied while sitting in Cafe al Bacio with friends Lisa and Barry who are sad to be getting off the ship in two days.  We've all had such a great time together. 
Bikers stopping in the desert to fix their bikes.
It's hard for me to pay attention to what I'm writing here as we chat and laugh incessantly.  I'm a little sluggish today after little sleep last night when once again we had an early start to our day at a required meeting for the 266 passengers staying for the next leg of the cruise on the back-to-back.
Buildings along the main road.
We're curious about the 1800 plus passengers who'll board the ship in San Antonio, Chile assuming most will be foreign language speaking.  Our social activities may be severely limited with so few English speaking passengers aboard the ship.
Dog sitting outside the data store.
Today, we're hoping to get done here before too long to be able to learn a card game that Lisa and Barry enjoy playing called Five Crowns.  Here's a link to the rules of this game which requires a special deck of cards. 
Shops along the boardwalk in Pisco, Peru.
The past 24-hours have been a whirlwind of activity.  After we finished yesterday's post, we took a shuttle bus to the town of Arica, Chile.  We were dropped off at the port entrance, where we went through security and were off for a walk through the festive little town. 
Beachgoers sunning and funning.
In the next few days, we'll be posting many photos we took in Arica, Chile as we wandered through the fascinating town with an approximate population of 155,400.
It appeared many locals frequent this area as well as tourists.
Upon returning from Arica in the afternoon, we grabbed our computers to load the photos from our outing only to find ourselves nodding off at the table.  Shortly thereafter we returned to our cabin for a nap.  Tom was successful.  I was not.  It's hard for me to "shut off my brain" when we're having such a great time.
A band playing on the beach.
By 5:00 pm, we were showered and dressed for the evening's happy hour where once again we met up with Lisa and Barry.   Since they dine in a specialty restaurant each night, we go our separate way for dinner, meeting up at the Martini Bar a few hours later.
Several fishing boats out to sea.
Again, we didn't get to bed by midnight and bolted out of bed early this morning to get to the first of two meetings.  The second event was a private tour of the ship's engine room with first officers conducting a presentation for a select group of passengers.  We were thrilled to be asked to attend and soon will post photos of that event.
The boardwalk in Pisco, Peru.
That's it for today, folks.  Lisa and I are taking off for the seafood buffet being offered today for lunch in the Oceanview Cafe on deck 10.  In this particular case, I'll be eating twice today. 
Hanging clothing, scarves, handbags and more.

The interior of a small shop on the boardwalk.
May all of our loyal readers have a fabulous day!

Photo from one year ago today, December 6, 2016:

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