Celebrations aren't the same right now...We aren't missing a thing when we have so much to celebrate!...

Check out these mature horns on this Big Daddy kudu!
"Sighting of the Day in the Bush"

Mongoose, who are carnivores, don't bother with the marulas currently dropping from the trees.
Today, March 7th is our 24th wedding anniversary. This will be the first year we won't be making a fuss or dining out to commemorate this special day.  

Instead, today, we'll stay in as I continue in my recovery, celebrating Life itself.  My goodness, I'm alive!  This is cause for celebration!  I was in the ICU in hospital on Valentine's Day, still in ICU on my birthday on the 20th and now recuperating at our holiday home in Marloth Park on our anniversary.
Kudus by the veranda steps.
None of this bothers me or makes me feel sad.  None of those special dates would have any meaning if my dreadful heart condition hadn't be discovered by the best doctor on the planet, Dr. Theo Stronkhorst, in Komtipoort, who essentially saved my life.

In hospital, the cardiac thoracic surgeon and the cardiologist explained that when I would have had a heart attack which was inevitable at any time, there would be no resuscitating me.  With only one working artery, death would have been imminent.  
Kudus enjoying pellets.
Instead, I've been given another shot at Life and today, on our 24th wedding anniversary I celebrate this second chance with the man of my dreams, my partner, my lover, my best friend and now my diligent hard-working and devoted caregiver.  I don't need a fancy meal or the ambiance of an upscale restaurant to make me feel loved.  

All I need is to be with Tom today, reveling in the gift we've been given...more time to be together...more time to travel the world...more time to embrace the wonders of the world around us.  For this, we celebrate with an indescribable joy.
A Big Daddy checking out the snacks being offered.
Last night, at happy hour, Kathy, Don Linda, and Ken stopped by for sundowners and to celebrate Life with us before they headed out to dinner.  It was wonderful to see them all, although I excluded myself from a glass of wine. 

At this point, the thought of a glass of wine or other cocktails makes me feel queasy.  I'm sure, once I'm off some of these medications I'll be able to enjoy one or two glasses of red wine, now and then. For now, hot or cold tea and diet orange soda are all I can manage to get down.
Three Big Daddies stopped by together.
The conversation was lively and animated as we sat at the big table on the veranda after dark.  It seemed like so long ago that we all were together when if fact it was only on Saturday night, February 9th that we had dinner together at Jabula to celebrate a good outcome for my upcoming triple bypass surgery, at that point only three days away.

I easily recall how frightened I was at that time but I was also comforted by their encouragement, friendship, and love.  It was a fun night.  We're planning to replicate that good time, after the fact, next Friday on March 15th when I plan to attend another dinner at Jabula.  This will be my first time out to dinner since the surgery.  I'm so grateful.  (Bear with me, I can't stop saying this).
This morning's mongoose frenzy.
The four of them took off early this morning for an educational safari adventure studying birds of prey in Kruger National Park.  I'm hoping to share some of their photos and a little information about these amazing birds once they start posting photos.  It will feel as if we're right there with them!

I won't extol the virtues of my fine husband Tom and bore our readers "ad nauseum" with why I feel so lucky to have been married to him for the past 24 years and together for almost 28 years.  Those who've been reading our posts over the past seven years (our first post was March 15, 2012) already get it from snippets I've included here and there.
Once they devour the eggs Tom mixed up they wait in hopes of more.
Instead, I'll simply say, "Happy anniversary, my love.  Now we have many more years to enjoy Life together."  What more could I ask for?  Healing?  It's coming.  I feel a tiny bit better each day.  Last night my feet didn't burn during the night.  And although I awoke a few times feeling pain and stiffness, I could tell I am on the mend.

Coronary bypass surgery is a big operation.  I have four major incisions in my body, a broken sternum and various sites healing after the insertion of tubes.  The pain in the three over foot long incisions in my legs is painful making moving and walking as required difficult.  The incision in my chest from my collarbone down to my stomach burns, itches and aches.  The inside of my chest which was wired back together is painful as it stretches and strives to heal.  The pulled muscle in my right chest will take months to heal. 

But...I am alive...alive to celebrate this outstanding marriage and to continue our amazing world journey for as long as we are able. 

May good health come your way!

Photo from one year ago today, March 7, 2018:

One year ago:  This morning's first-time visitor to the yard, a wildebeest.  Never once, did he look at us or pick up his head for a face photo.  But, we were happy to see him anyway! Later, we named him Wildebeest Willie and he's been a regular since a year ago.  Now he looks into our eyes before eating any pellets.  For more, please click here.


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